What’s New in Onix Work Version 1.9 – New Version

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Blog, Onix Work, Onix Worker, System Updates

A new version of Onix Work will be released on Friday, November 9th. This new release will affect all users of Onix Work and Onix Express.

The brand-new Equipment Receival & Conversion helps owners of equipment streamline and organize their own equipment data regardless of supplier. This feature lets users convert products and properties on incoming equipment, thus enabling property searching on equipment. Also included are improved document search, one-step Onix Express invitation of multiple contacts and updated and improved document forms.

With this new update, Onix Express also gets a make-over! We have launched a completely new homepage with a tutorial and new features for Onix Express users.

Equipment Receival & Conversion

This update will include new functionality to map supplier products on received equipment to your own products. Before you start, the feature require that you have defined your own internal product templates. Any new or existing equipment can convert to your product, and as an equipment owner, you can entirely control rules/data for all your equipment.


To start using this function you need to set an activation start-date. After this, users will get an overview of products and properties in use on their equipment. Next, users can activate Product and/or Property Linking separately to activate alerts or automatically convert incoming equipment.


Product Linking
Here you can create the links you want between external products and your internal products, from external products currently in use on your equipment.

Based on the product links defined, you can manually convert your equipment if automatic conversion is not activated.


Property Linking
Here you can create the links you want between external properties and your own, from external properties currently in use on your equipment.

Based on the property links defined, you can manually convert your equipment if automatic conversion is not activated.


Merge Properties
There are new and predefined System Properties in Onix Work. Connected to this is a brand-new function where you can clean up your own properties by merging them together or convert them into the System Properties.


Contacts and Users

Invite multiple contacts within the company module
Suppliers can now create and invite up to 25 Onix Express-users in one operation.

Invitations sent to new Onix Express users will now expire within 28 days, after automatically sending 2 reminder emails.

Order module
A message will appear if you process an order to a customer without active Onix Express users. This way you will never have to make a delivery through Onix Work to a company without a user to receive the documents.

Contact Information Updates
An alert will be displayed if you have not updated your information within one year and any updates to contact information will synchronize for Onix Express user connected to multiple contacts.

Onix Express-user access link

Suppliers can now add their access link for Onix Express users directly in Onix Work.
The Onix Express section of home screen will show an alert icon if the access link is missing.

Onix Express User – self-registration
When accessing Onix Work from a supplier website or supplier access link, new users can register their information and request an Onix Express account from the supplier.

A new function to handle these requests, allows you to simply approve or reject the requests, saving the member company from having to create contacts, register data and send invitations.

The number pending request will be alerted in Supplier Home Screen.

Documents and Equipment

Documents module
When the documents module is opened, the 20 most recently added documents will be shown. This applies for Onix Express users.

Document search

New search criteria for users; job forms, job types, and use of extended search where all documents can be listed – included older control cards and sub-equipments’ documents. This applies for both Onix Work users and Onix Express users.

Equipment Search
New advanced search criteria; properties.

Form Changes

Form 3, Form 3(M), Form 4, Form 4(M)
The bottom text on these forms is now moved to the Footer text field in Form Settings. This means you can change this text if needed. To get the default text back, click the reset-button.
Use of form names
The default form name displayed in settings and Onix Work have been changed to make the forms conform with Onix Inspection (removing the “Norwegian specific” appearances).
The use of customer defined form names has also changed, so that translated texts can be shown if description is empty.

Use of tons/tonnes
Changed text for tonnes in all languages, in all places.

Control Card
Added Onix Work reference text in the Control Card form footer and replace the term “Control Card” with “Inspection” within the form.

Equipment Collection
Equipment collection has been renamed to “Quick Inspection”.

EKH Certificate
Added “consist of” caption

Onix Express changes

New Home screen design

The home screen for Onix Express users has been completely redesigned. The new home screen is colourful and streamlined, helping users locate information more quickly. Quick links to get started with Onix Express, and get more information about Onix Work, the Onix Worker app, Onix Inspection and Onix Tool Store have also been added.

Invite colleagues
Onix Express users themselves can now give up to 25 of their colleagues access to supplied documents with the click of a button.

Find other suppliers
Find a supplier’s login link or request Onix Express user, using the Onix Express home screen.

Activate free trial membership
To activate a trial membership, you can now look to the bottom of the home screen. Onix Express user can choose to begin a free trial with their current data and connection to you as the supplier, or sample data with connection to an Onix Work demo company.

Interactive Tutorial
We’ve added an interactive tutorial to help Onix Express users with initial setup and basic functionality. Tutorial will start on first log-in and is accessible anytime from the home screen.

Terminating inactive Onix Express users
Onix Express users will be automatically terminated if not used for 1 year. Prior to termination, three system generated email reminders will be sent to inactive user accounts via email 30, 14 and 7 days prior to account termination.


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