Onix Work 1.8 is finally here and contains some new and exciting features.
We’ve also updated forms and completed other general improvements in functionality as requested by our users.


The main feature of this release is the ability to handle and follow up unresolved equipment issues. These arise whenever an inspection or operator maintenance job is filed with non-OK checkpoints from Onix Work, Onix Inspection or the Onix Worker app.
A new issues tab has been introduced in the equipment module, allowing Onix Work users to view, create and resolve equipment Issues.


  • Control Card / Equipment collection
    Header and Sub header info are now implemented for both forms and can be activated and edited in the Settings → Forms section.
    Header will be included when a job’s Form Language is not English (bi-lingual).
    Sub-header will always be included.
  • DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3
    Some captions have been updated following new guidelines from DNV GL revisions.
    “Test report No.” has been added as a linked equipment property on the forms.
    “Type designation” field has been added in the Settings → Forms section.
  • Fall Arrest
    The header-fields for “Date” and “Expires” have been removed.


  • Document list
    A new “Group by Document Type” option has been added to the document list in job module. When multiple jobs are selected, a potentially long list of documents can be separated so the relevant documents can be more easily selected for sending.
  • Checklist
    Extended procedure info has been moved from the History report to Sample Texts dialog to improve access. A new, combined icon clearly shows which info is available.


  • Change Status
    When multiple equipment is selected the “Change Status” function now includes the option to set Equipment Status directly.
  • Document List report
    The report dialog now has a new option to include or omit service documents.
  • Equipment properties
    Unused equipment properties can now be set “Inactive” in the Properties dialog.
    Inactive properties will still appear on any equipment that already have them but will not be available for new equipment or products.


  • Saving “Sort by”
    Your selected “Sort by”-options in various lists will now be saved for your next log on.
  • Checklist preview
    In Settings → Checklists, the Preview checklist is now without the “Draft” watermark.
  • Control Categories
    PX and BX are added as new groups for the P and B Control Categories.
  • User Setting → Alerts
    User may now opt for an alert e-mail when personal equipment is due for inspection.
  • Settings → System
    In External data-sources we have added “Export Onix Tool Store Users”.