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by | Jul 13, 2018 | Blog, Onix Inspection

A new version of Onix Inspection will be released Friday, July 13. This new release will affect both android as well as iOS users and includes general updates and feature improvements. Read more below about the upcoming changes.

Android 1.25

Added support for new pistol-grip long distance RFID-reader

The Vanch RFID scanner is an android device to which Onix Inspection can be directly installed. This scanner has a powerful antenna which can be individually regulated, enabling the end user to scan RFID tags from a longer distance. The reading sensitivity can be adjusted to your needs and using the Vanch RFID scanner makes possible to pick up smaller tags with ease. This makes daily routines which involve scanning RFID tags more user friendly and efficient.

iOS 1.17

Support for BlueBerry RFID reader

With the latest version of Onix Inspection, it will now be possible to use a BlueBerry RFID reader with iOS devices.

RFID BlueBerry UHF HS device

All platforms

RFID codes can be written to tags by our preferred Bluetooth™ enabled readers (Android and iOS)

We have now made it possible for RFID codes (electronic product codes, EPCs) to be written onto RFID tags by our preferred Bluetooth enabled readers. Prior to this update, this was only possible with wired USB scanners.

programmable RFID tags Onix Inspection

Search by QR-code and RFID tag

We have made it easier for users to find equipment by adding the possibility to search by QR-code and RFID scan in the Manage Equipment module. To use this function, simply scan an equipment’s RFID tag or QR-code.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with very high confidence

Status colors matches colors found in Onix Work

We have changed the status colors to match the colors used on our other tools such as Onix Work, Onix Worker and Tool Store.

Browse our online support page or utilize our up-to-date offline user manual

Browse our online support page or utilize our up-to-date offline user manual to locate the information you might need. By clicking the question mark in Onix Inspection, you will access our support page while online with internet access and a user manual when offline without internet access.

Enhanced the usage of checklist, where OK is the default choice.

We know that most of the points in the checklist are given the status OK, so therefore we have made this the default choice to help you get through the checklist faster.

Removed “Replace All” -option from checklist

With the latest update, users are limited to updating only empty/unhandled statuses.


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