What is New in Onix Work Version 1.10

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New changes are coming to Onix Work, Onix Inspection and Onix Worker on Friday, March 22, 2019. Some of the most important changes include:

  • Views Module. This new feature uses more user friendly and flexible search options.
  • Extended use of area and contact person sections
  • Pre-generated QR codes
  • Favorites
  • Additional support for the LOLER legal regime
  • Form adjustments
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes

Views Module

New, flexible and improved search filters in the Equipment section is finally here!
This new feature makes the search process faster, more flexible and more user friendly. In this version we have focused on the equipment section, but in future versions this search methodology will be expanded, improved and made available in other sections in Onix Work.

Views are available from a drop-down menu.

The idea behind this new feature is to simplify and improve the search process in Onix Work.

Here are some highlights with the new Views feature

  • Onix Work will remember which view you have used most recently and automatically search the results in this view when you go to the Equipment module.
  • Each view has its fixed set of search criteria visible. Advanced search filters have been removed.
  • In addition to the standard views, you can create your own personal view which can also be shared with colleagues.
  • The default layout is now called Split and Table. These have been moved to the menu in Equipment (together with Excel export).
  • The table view now lets you work with equipment directly. You can still select columns and order yourself in Table.
  • Free text searches have been moved up together with the View drop-down menu and these two are always visible.
  • Save space in the screen by hiding the search criteria .

Area and Contact Person

You’ve asked and we’ve answered! Onix Inspection is now able to use search criteria within the Area and Contact sections. This means that you can now edit equipment with this information and search based on it.

Additionally, from the Order section in Onix Work it is possible to define Area as well as Location, and to search on Area.

New QR Method

This new method means that you can print QR codes in advance and use them as needed. For example, you can print out QR codes, then take them out on a yearly check and mark equipment along the way without predetermining which specific equipment you use the QR code on.

Previously generated QR codes will continue to work as before. This new feature is an additional option we’ve added in order to give you more control over how you use QR codes in your work processes.

Report from Equipment in Onix Work
A report has been added to print several QR codes without associated equipment.

Equipment can be labeled with an “unused” QR code which can then be scanned via Onix Inspection or Onix Worker to associate the QR code with a piece of equipment.

Scan and attach QR codes to equipment from Onix Inspection & Onix Worker

Use Onix Inspection to scan the QR code and attach it to the appropriate equipment. This QR code will now work in the same way as the original QR codes. It is not possible to associate a QR code that is already in use with a piece of equipment. Onix Work keeps track of this for you.


As in Onix Worker, you can now also enter favorites in Onix Work. This can be done for both equipment and locations. From the equipment itself, specify whether this is a favorite by clicking on the star. From your User Settings, you can choose which locations are your favorites and get an overview of your favorite equipment.

Support for the LOLER legal regime

Within Onix Work it is now possible to produce a report that covers the requirements for documentation of lifting equipment for customers who are subject to LOLER regulations. This report is titled “Report of Thorough Examination”. If the customer (or one of the customer’s locations) is subject to this set of legal regulations, access to this report is set by the inspector for the Onix Express company, and by the customer himself who is using Onix Work.

When LOLER is selected under inspections, this will automatically control the inspection interval. In plain terms this means Onix Work will automatically control which equipment is subject to inspection every 6 or 12 months.

Form Adjustments

  • Control report is the new Inspection name (previously named Controlcard)
  • Organization number for the executing company is added to the Control report
  • Date format on the Control report now has two options; YYYY-MM or DD.MM.YYYY. The date format set by the individual auditor company (SettingsFormatsControl Report)

  • Control details is the new checklist name when the document is completed
  • Preview checklists with extended procedure are now added. Go to Settings Checklists Preview with procedure to take a copy to customer on request.

  • Change in ILO Form 3 (M) to highlight better main and sub-equipment when there is a composite implement.

Additional Improvements

  • Automatic scaling of logos. Both company logo and certification body logo will now be scaled automatically if they are too large. This provides better viewing and performance in reports and forms.
  • Sharing complete checklist with customer; it is now possible for each expert company to setup if they want to automatically share Inspection Details with all customers.
  • New setting for default due date for Issues on equipment with RC or MO status
  • Calculation of GB storage (Settings Licenses License Use)
  • Handle Requests in Company: Improved search of associated company for new Onix Express users. Now, searches without a specified company name will show user requests from all companies.
  • Enhanced the feature of Onix Express to find more vendors and invite colleagues.
  • Corrected error message in “login help” in the login dialog. New info icon on the Onix Inspection home screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Onix Inspection iOS: missing checklist when inspection is created from Manage equipment. Eliminated problem with missing checklist.
  • Onix Inspection iOS: missing checklist when scanning equipment with QR code.
  • Onix Inspection: Copy of equipment gave incorrect handling of EPC code on copied equipment.
  • Eliminated problem with importing CSV data into iOS.
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