Onix Tool Store

Struggling to keep an overview of the tools, equipment, and supplies in your tool crib?

  • Knowing what is in stock or physically located in your tool crib can be difficult 
  • Manually following up who has which piece of equipment can be time consuming  
  • Re-purchasing equipment you already own is expensive and unnecessary 
  • Using pen and paper instead of a digital solution to keep track of the status of the equipment and supplies in your tool crib is outdated  

Keeping track of tools and equipment for a selected location or area by allowing users to digitally check out and return items using RFID or QR codes is quick, accurate and cost effective.

Onix Tool Store is a software program that must be locally installed and can be used staffed or unstaffedOnix Tool Store electronically keeps track of who your equipment is checked out to and that they have returned it to your tool crib. Always have an up-to-date equipment inventory list with quantities, service dates, and other information available. 

Customizable reports give you an overview of what equipment is available, what is checked out and who has it before you need to use it again. Use reports and email notifications to help ensure equipment is available when you need it. 

Onix Tool store is an add-on to Onix Work, our easy-to-use software platform. Onix Tool Store makes keeping track of who has checked in/out a piece of equipment or a tool, simple and quick. You can also use Onix Tool Store to track quantities of supplies, so you don’t run out at the last minute. 

Store serial numbers and other useful details making it easier to report them as lost or stolen if needed. 

Onix Tool Store can send out a reminder when equipment is not returned on time. By requiring items to be checked in, you can easily notice that an item is missing before it is needed again.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say about Onix Tool Store

"Onix Work makes it easier to check in and out lifting equipment with Onix Tool Store. To get a better utilization of Onix Tool Store offshore, we have also marked all equipment with RFID, as well as QR codes on other types of tools. RFID and QR codes in combination with Onix Tool Store means that we always have an overview of the condition and location of all the equipment."

Stein Roger Hopmark,

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