The use of digital technologies to create new values for suppliers, inspectors and owners of lifting equipment.

Bernt Håvardsholm, CEO of Onix, gave a presentation on the subject at OMHEC in London on October 17th. Here is a short summary.

Digitalization is hot. Everybody is digitizing. But what does it mean when it comes to documentation and inspection of lifting equipment?

Simply replacing an inspector’s paper forms with a tablet is, in itself, not digitalization. It’s not enough just to automate. Digitalization should also provide new value for customers.

Thorough digitalization of lifting equipment requires a change in the business processes for the entire value chain of lifting equipment. The maker should provide the supplier with added value. The owner and user of lifting equipment should get more value from suppliers and inspectors. This can only happen if parties in the value chain can share data fast and dynamically. A standardized unique global digital id for equipment is an obvious first requirement. RFID and QR codes based on global standards are the digital counterparts that provide added value for all parties in the value chain. We also need an independent software platform that can provide the required functionality for and communication between the parties involved.

With these elements in place we can achieve all the benefits from thorough digitalization of lifting equipment. Onix Work is such an independent B2B software platform.