Onix Tool Store

Onix Tool Store is an online application that connects to your Onix Work equipment database, which helps you to keep track of all tools and equipment for a selected location or area. Onix Tool Store can be used with RFID and QR marked equipment.

Onix Tool Store can be downloaded from Onix Work to your PC.

RFID scanners should be configured for both equipment and user identification. Multiple scanners can be active at the same time for difference usages.

The users can do their work by himself or via an operator.

Each time user accesses a screen, an identification is required. The available functionality is enabled based on user roles after identification.

To check out or returning, tools and equipment need to be identified first, by searching or scanning. When the tools or equipment is checked out, current date will automatically be set as checked out date. The Expected return date is calculated from both value in Setting and the checked out date, or manually set.

The equipment checked out by other users will be recorded with username, checked out date and expected return date.

A quantity is required if users check out non-unique equipment.

When a unique equipment is checked out, other users will not be able to check it out. Non-unique equipment can be checked out by several users at the same time.

When the user returns the equipment to the location again, they select Check In for the actual equipment and it will be available for other users and free to check out.

Some equipment require a status check after returning. The next checking out is blocked until they are passed the return control.

Administrator of company can do an advance search for tools and equipment in store, and see charts based on search result.

For each equipment, administrator can add note or open in Onix Work for more editing.

User information can be modified in Manage Accounts screen.

Normal users can only modify information about themselves, while administrators can search and modify information of all users working in store.

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