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Now it’s time to start working with Onix Work. The sections under will introduce you to how you set up for portal according to your role.

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Onix Work has a lot of users, and we have developed a few best practice articles to help you access the portals full potential.


Frequently asked questions about Onix Work.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

When logging in, you can request a new password.

How do I create a new user?

Full users are created by admin in Settings, and express users in Company.

How to I update status on an equipment?

To update status, you have to perform a new job.

How do I share access to equipment and documentation with other companies using Onix Work?

This is done using Connected Companies.

I discovered an error in a generated document. How do I fix it?

It is not possible to edit or delete documentation in Onix Work, so you have to make a copy of the job and archive again having made the changes.

I am an express user. Why can’t I log in to the expected supplier?

The only possibility to change supplier, is to log in using a link on the suppliers’ home page. You must make sure you find the link on the home page, on log in using this with your own username and password. If this does not work, contact the supplier and make sure you have access.

If you do this and still are logged in to another supplier, it means you did not log out from the former supplier. You must log out to be able to log in with another company.

I uploaded jobs using Onix Inspection, but they have not been archived/equipment is nowhere to be found. Why?

When you upload from Onix Inspection, it can take up to maximum one hour before the new equipment and jobs have been archived and registered.

Please help me search for equipment, my colleague get different results with the same search.

All full users have the same access to equipment, so you need to have a look at your search criteria. You must reset all search criteria using the icon of a circle going counter-clockwise in the search filter. When this is done, you must have a look at what areas you are searching in. This dialogue is visible when clicking the ellipse button right for the freetext search field.