What does Onix Work have to offer?


This is an overview of the features offered in Onix Work.

Defining your role

What do you need to do to define your role in Onix Work

Modules and Tools

The following modules are found in Onix Work:


Here you can find (or register) any company you do business with


All your own equipment, and any externally owned equipment that you have access to, can be listed here. Registration and maintenance of equipment and associated details and data, including Jobs and their related documentation, can be done here as well.


All started and filed jobs can be found in the Jobs module. Jobs can be modified or filed from both Jobs module, and directly on the equipment in Equipment module.


For supplier to quick deliver equipment with documents to customer.

Rental The rental module lets you manage rental projects for your own equipment.


All certificates, inspections, user manuals and other documents relating to your own equipment, or external equipment that you are granted access to, can be found and displayed in this module.


Here you can register and maintain Products, which are ‘Equipment templates’ used to speed up equipment registration and delivery.

Your system administrator can control each users access-level, which, in conformance with your company’s current licensing scheme, define which modules any user can access.

Interact with others

You can interact and share equipment with other companies also using Onix Work. This access is given and requested using the Connection List.