Six MORE reasons why an equipment maintenance and management program is better than Excel

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Onix Work, Onix Worker

Efficient isn’t a word which comes to mind when thinking about how most companies use spreadsheets to manage their equipment if you ask us. Spreadsheets don’t intuitively adapt to the needs of your business, are error prone and cannot track your data in real-time.

Most importantly, spreadsheets don’t allow you to collaborate throughout the value chain with your employees, suppliers, inspectors and customers all at once. You can read more about why an equipment maintenance and management software program like Onix Work is better than Excel in our first article in this series.

Read below for six more reasons why an equipment maintenance and management software program like Onix Work is better than Excel.

1. Excel cannot easily store or recall historical maintenance data

A spreadsheet program like Excel can’t store and recall historical data in the same way a program like ours can. Our program stores data for the legally required 10 years per piece of equipment and can easily recall data when you need it, even on a smartphone. Excel just cannot do that.

2. Excel cannot recall equipment data, safety certificates and store user manuals for each individual piece of equipment

Managing your equipment information is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to completely managing your equipment. In most countries, companies must also store safety certificates and make user manuals easily accessible. What if one system can do it all those things as well as more – and leverage QR codes and RFID technology to make your life identifying each individual piece of equipment even easier? Our software can do those things – and more, Excel cannot.

3. Excel cannot segment first line maintenance tasks into user friendly checklists

Easily delegate work tasks using checklists in Excel? Nope. Follow up those tasks to see if they have been completed? Not really. Is Excel a useful or a productive way to manage these tasks? Hardly. Use one program to maintain all the data and certificates for your equipment and help you organize and delegate tasks for the first line maintenance of your equipment too.

4. Excel does not store photos to help describe maintenance concerns

We get it – some maintenance concerns are better explained with photos than words (try accurately explaining rust and corrosion on the side of a metal chains in Excel). That’s why we’ve added features to our software which allow you to document issues with photos too. Excel can’t do that. Not even close.

5. Excel cannot receive documentation and equipment data fully registered

Stop manually entering data into Excel and step into the 21st century. With our program, you can receive your documentation and equipment data fully registered into Onix Work. Less time spent on manual and mundane tasks, no matter how important they may be, means more time to focus on what really matters for your business.

6. Excel does not have business specific support to help you get the most from your spreadsheets

Our customers are some of the most trusted in their industries and they rave about how useful our product is and how helpful our support desk is for their business. If you need help while using Onix Work, contact our support desk, read articles in our help center or visit our YouTube channel to watch one of our customer success webinars.

However, if you need extra help to make sure you get going as quickly and smoothly as possible, we offer an onboarding package to get you there. Easy peasy. We want you to get the most of Onix Work and will help you get there in the best way possible for your specific business.


Productivity and efficiency are not words which come to mind when thinking about using Excel to manage equipment. Onix Work offers several advantages over using Excel to manage your equipment. Create checklists and delegate tasks in our Onix Worker app, describe maintenance concerns with photos or even sign up for an onboarding package for a little extra assistance to help you get going as quickly as possible. Get your programs to work for you and help make data and information transfer seamless.

To learn more about how Onix Work can help your business, contact us, book a demo or request a free trial today.

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