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Equipment Owner
  • Track status and inspection dates of your work equipment
  • Receive and share data with suppliers and inspectors
  • All certificates and documents in one place
  • Automatic email notification for multiple tasks
  • GPS tracking of equipment
  • Perform jobs or inspections with custom checklists
  • Register and follow up issues regarding your work equipment
  • Onix Worker

Equipment Inspector
  • Connect to equipment owners to get instant access to their equipment and document information
  • Perform inspections offline with smartphone or tablet with RFID and NFC technology
  • Use our professional templates to generate consistent documentation
  • Generate customer lists, reports and more to help you manage your day-to-day operations
  • Send automatic email alerts with inspection due dates
  • All documents stored in accordance with legal obligations
  • Onix Inspect

Equipment Supplier
  • Create equipment with bulk registration of serial or batch numbers
  • Automatically create consistent certificates and declarations of conformity
  • Include user manuals and incoming documents to equipment orders
  • Import sales orders directly from your ERP system
  • Supports assembled equipment and mulitple languages
  • All documents stored in accordance with legal obligations
  • Onix Tag

Onix Work is more than just a software

You won't have to do it on your own. We at Onix Work are here to assist you with your questions, help you set up your portal, and make sure you're getting the most out of your tools. You will also always be up to date with our training videos, help documentation, and resources.

Onix Worker

Enable your workers to keep equipment up-to-date and maintained while on the go. 

Onix Inspect

An app that simplifies the everyday life of the inspectors, saves time and helps you ensure that the inspection is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations

Onix Tag

Onix Tag helps equipment suppliers quickly register the unique ID on each piece of equipment they sell.

Cloud-based software for the lifting industry and beyond.

We are the #1 cloud-based software solution for lifting certificates, declarations of conformity, equipment certificate, user manual, and asset management systems in Scandinavia.

Our core product, Onix Work, streamlines work processes for suppliers, inspectors, and users of work equipment by keeping the most important documentation up to date in one cloud-based solution. Onix Work builds on over 20 years of experience and close collaboration with demanding clients.

With Onix Work, you have access your documentation anywhere, at any time - on desktop, iPhone or Android device. Onix Work delivers real-time documentation and monitoring throughout the entire value chain – all through a secure cloud solution.

Get rid of all the paperwork and easily keep your business up to date on the processes which matter most.

If you’re not sure which package to choose from, you should contact our sales team in order to map what your business primarily does. If you’re an equipment owner that inspects equipment for OTHER companies you should choose Equipment Inspector.

When you purchase one of Onix Work solutionsyou'll automatically be charged for onboarding to ensure you get started on the right foot with our software. All customers have different needs, in order for your journey with digitization to succeed we will advise you on how to use Onix Work in an effective way tailored to your needs, including helping you make a plan on how to further implement Onix Work in your company.

Yes, Onix Work is a cloud-based solution. However, our inspection application (Onix Inspect) included in the Equipment Inspector can be used offline.

Onix ID helps you simplify the identification of lifting gear and dangerous work equipment while giving instant access to user manuals and other important documents on the go. Onix ID is a pre-printed label with a QR code that you can attach to your equipment and use as a unique identifier of equipment.

Read more about Equipment Identification

The customer is entitled to support through Onix Work support function. The support function includes assistance related to the general functionality of the service when it is used as recommended by Onix Work. The support function includes access to, incident submission form and call back by phone.

Support does not extend to other configurations of operating systems, browsers, hardware problems, internal networks and internet connections, and/or items of peripheral equipment that are entirely independent of the service. The support does
not include issues caused by the customer or any repair of the database.

Technical assistance, installation work, upgrades, sessions with customer data, training, and all other consultancy is not covered by the support function. The customer may purchase such additional professional services as required

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