Onix Worker 2.0 - Stay up to date and compliant with equipment requirements

Does your company spend a lot of time updating equipment information and documents?

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The brand new Onix Worker

Same as before, but different. With more built-in power and functionality to make your workday easier.


Making sure your work equipment is safe to operate every day involves a lot of cost-inducing factors

  • Staying compliant with different sets of regulations and laws, like PUWER, Health and Safety At Work Acts, EU Machine Directive, and others
  • Performing the proper maintenance and having good routines for early detection of faults
  • Having a cost-efficient work process to improve productivity
  • Being able to document and present this to authorities upon request
  • Maintaining equipment also reduce the environmental impact

The smartphone solution for your dangerous work equipment

Enable your workers to keep equipment up-to-date and maintained while on the go. Onix Worker is our app for keeping on top of everything related to your own work equipment.

  • Easy access to equipment information
  • Perform pre-use checklists and service jobs
  • Report and easily solve equipment issues
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Document jobs like pre-use checks, operator maintenance, or preventive maintenance with your own checklists and suitable intervals. Make your workday easier by removing paper and spreadsheets from your day-to-day tasks.

Perform on-site safety analysis

Perform on-site safety analysis to ensure compliance with company policies, regulations, and all applicable laws


Collaborate in real-time with your colleagues. Changes are made instantly on the app, so everyone is always up to date

Tag equipment

Tag equipment with NFC tags and QR codes to easily identify if the equipment is safe to use

Create, delegate, and solve issues

Digitally report issues or findings with severity, comment, and pictures and make sure it is fixed by the right people.

Access equipment information

Easily access your company's equipment, view status, check for next due inspection and access important documents

Perform digital checklists

Document jobs like pre-use checks, operator maintenance, or preventive maintenance with your own custom checklists

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Anyone with a license to Onix Work has access to Onix Worker.

To set up notifications you can log into Onix Work, navigate to your User Settings, and go into Alerts.

Onix Work has many discovery statuses, the most common ones are "NC", "RC" and "MO".



Specified requirements are fulfilled, but the condition can develop negatively

In Onix Work we use the traffic light system to easily inform the users of the seriousness of issues and when the next due inspection is for equipment

Not due 

Due in the next 45 days

Past due

To link NFC or QR code to a piece of equipment, you simply choose the particular equipment and click on Link in the upper right corner in the Onix Worker app. A choice between linking NFC or a QR code will appear.

In order to start performing maintenance and service jobs, you must first set up checklists in your Onix Work company settings. Equipment delivered by suppliers always has a Job interval for Mandatory inspection, in order to perform maintenance and service jobs on a piece of equipment you may have to add a new job class for either Operator maintenance or Preventive maintenance. 


Checklists can be found by going to your Settings > Connected content > Checklists

Job intervals

You can easily create new issues by using Onix Worker. In order to create new issues for particular equipment, select the equipment and click on "New issue" in the top menu bar. To solve equipment issues you can either use the "Issues" module in the bottom right corner, or you can solve issues when working with a piece of equipment. 

Yes, you can take pictures of your findings on the checklist.

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