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No matter what type of business you have, we can all agree that increasing productivity and reducing costs is always in focus. Onix Tool Store can help your company do just that, save time and money. Onix Tool Store is a warehouse asset management application for your tool workshop that connects to your Onix Work profile, giving you up to the minute summaries of tools and equipment status.

With Onix Tool Store, you can:

keep track of valuable equipment
reduce duplicate purchases
fully automate lending and ordering procedures
eliminate the need for a personnel manned service desk

Increased Functionality in Onix Work with Onix Tool Store

With Onix Tool Store, Onix Work users have increased functionality within the Onix Work program. Onix Tool Store allows users to audit the lending status of specified tools and equipment in their tool workshop. This program can also be used as a more traditional inventory management system so users can easily manage stock levels in their tool workshop. Simply put, with Onix Tool Store, users will always know what is lent out and to whom, likewise what is available in stock and what is out of stock.

Full Automation and Optimized Reporting with Onix Tool Store

Onix Tool Store can be fully automated with RFID reader gates, eliminating the need for a personnel manned service desk. Alternatively, it can be partially automated using handheld RFID readers. To make tool and equipment re-ordering even more streamlined, users can receive automatic email notifications.

Onix Tool Store is available in English and Norwegian, is RFID and QR-code equipped and is optimized for desktop devices. Reports in the application allow you to conveniently review your Onix Tool Store activity. Automate and optimize the lending procedures for your company’s tool workshop, save time and money, increase productivity and stay organized with Onix Tool Store.

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