Onix Tag - Built for equipment suppliers

How long does it take you to gather all the serial and/or batch numbers in an order?

Built for equipment suppliers

Onix Tag helps equipment suppliers quickly register the unique ID on each piece of equipment they sell. This makes it much quicker to accurately produce the legally required documents like certificates and declarations of conformity.

  • Integrates with existing ERP
  • Always synced to the orders
  • No more pen and paper numbering

Get rid of manual and time-consuming work processes like:

  • Pen & paper with handwritten unique IDs when picking equipment to order from the warehouse
  • Double work when the document center re-types the IDs into a system to create documents
  • Delay of equipment delivery because the documentation isn’t ready yet
  • Your warehouse or store employees does not know which kinds of equipment types require legal documents
  • Different policies or practices geographically in your organization – leading to inconsistent service to your clients
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Onix Tag is a connected add-on to the Onix Work platform

All the setup you need to fit documents, products, and workflow processes to your needs is available in Onix Work. Say goodbye to double work and repetitive tasks which use your resources inefficiently.

Access orders

Real-time synchronization with generated orders

Numbering equipment

Quickly input serial and batch numbers on your customers' orders

Orders on your location

Use filters to find what's relevant to your location 

Automatic documentation

Documents are automatically generated and distributed to your customers

Tag equipment

Provide customers with an easy way to identify equipment with NFC, RFID, or QR codes

User friendly

Simple, intuitive and simple to use interfaces built to make it easy for anyone

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Onix Tag is used by equipment suppliers that need to deliver both equipment information and documents required by law

Equipment and machines that fall under the Machinery Directive

Certificates, declaration of conformity, and user manuals.

The person handling the order and the person who picks the order.

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