Onix Inspection – New Release

Version is available as of Friday, 24.02.2017

What’s new?

• In Onix Work you may decide that the controls should be verified before they can be archived. This is configured via control category (type of equipment). Controls in the Onix Inspection that requires verification can consequently not be archived automatically on upload. The user of Onix Inspection is notified of this

• It is now possible to register GEO position on equipment

• In Onix Inspection for Windows you can also download documents. They will be available off-line. When downloading new equipment, only new documents will be added

• A user must have the same license for Onix Inspection from download to upload of data. If one removes the license from the user during this period, he will not be able to upload data. This occurs even if the user gets back the license before upload. Clear warnings are given to avoid this to happen. We have corrected an error which stopped upload when the user was changing the password in this period.

Webinar LOLER Inspections

In this webinar, we introduce you to our new LOLER compliant features. These features will enable compliance with LOLER requirements.   The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) are in place to safeguard that all lifting equipment is used...


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