Onix Inspection is available on the iPhone

Happy new year, – we are now launching Onix Inspection for the iPhone.
You can download it from the “App Store” and try it.

Onix Inspection is a very effective tool for off-line inspection of work equipment.
The App has functionality for quick inspections of small equipment in large volumes and full inspection of equipment with checklists. Equipment and errors can easily be documented with the images.


Onix Inspection is now available on Android Smartphones, iPhone, Android tablets and PC.

If you already have access to the Onix Inspection you can now download and use it from your iPhone.
If you have an user account in Onix Work, but not the license for Onix Inspection, you can still download the App, log in with your Onix Work user and try it out.
You can download your own equipment data and check lists and see how the Onix Inspection works.
Notice that you cannot upload data (return data to Onix Work) without a license. It is consequently also safe for anybody in your company to try Onix Inspection with your own data.
If you are not a customer, you can sign up for try Onix Work for free on onix.com/free-trial/. You may then also try Onix Inspection with the same login.

You can find help at onix.com/support-center/ or via support@onix.com.

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