Onix Inspection 1.24 – New release

Version 1.24 is available for Windows and Android platforms, and here’s what’s new for you

Onix Inspection version 1.24 is available as of Friday October 6th 2017, including the following improvements:

  • Equipment list:
    The list will now display both Owners Equipment ID and Serial-/Batchno.
  • Control categories:
    Available Control Categories is now limited to those activated for logged on company.
  • Full inspection:
    Option for «Periodic 4-year Control» is now included.
  • Checklists:
    New option allows OK as default start-status on checkpoints.
    (This must be configured in Settings > System in Onix Work.)
  • Equipment search:
    Both QR-code and RFID-chip scanning is now supported.
  • Product:
    Article has changed name to Product.
  • Mixed inspection:
    When scanning an RFID-chip or QR-code, any matching equipment already in the list will be highlighted.

Webinar LOLER Inspections

In this webinar, we introduce you to our new LOLER compliant features. These features will enable compliance with LOLER requirements.   The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) are in place to safeguard that all lifting equipment is used...


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