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Are you ready to replace pen and paper with an app and digital checklists? 

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Producing documents after inspections can be a time-consuming task 

  • Working with pen and paper require many manual steps
  • Manual paperwork is a common source of errors
  • You might not have the right checklist available when you need it
  • The customer often needs the inspection documents immediately
  • The customer wants more documentation on severe findings
  • Summarizing the inspection is especially time-consuming

Built with the inspectors in mind

An app that simplifies the everyday life of the inspectors, saves time and helps you ensure that the inspection is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations

  • Save time with your own customizable digital checklists
  • You can download customer data and work offline
  • The documentation can be digitally signed and immediately sent to your customer
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Use your own checklists digitally

Digitize your own checklists and use them during inspections. Customize your own checklists for different kinds of periodic inspections, services, and maintenance. Document with pictures and comments. Summarize everything in a digital job report and wow your customer. 

Offline data

Download customer data before the inspection and work offline in any location, upload when you are done

Image capture

Document issues with photos with annotations and drawing capabilities

Automated reports

Share job report summary with your clients after your work is done

Secure and store crucial data

Secure and store crucial data for you and your customers. Security proof, easy to access, and easy to share

Tag equipment

Tag equipment with NFC, RFID, or QR codes for a quicker inspection next year

Customized digital checklists

Customize your own checklists for different kinds of periodic inspections, services, and maintenance

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say

Being able to take photos with the tablet while doing the inspection to illustrate issues, and the pictures going straight into the report is a very elegant solution. Documenting details with pictures is a huge advantage both for the customer and the person coming to fix the issue

Eivind Mørch, Section Manager for cranes and safety

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Onix Inspect is a tool for inspection, service, and certification. You can use Onix Inspect to inspect any piece of equipment. It's widely used for lifting equipment and ATEX equipment.

Onix Inspect is used by anyone who does equipment inspections

Yes, you can create your own custom checklists. This gives you the option to copy over your paper-based checklists, and make everything digital.

Any device that supports iOS, Android and Windows can use Onix Inspect

Onix Inspect supports UHF and HF RFID technology, you can also use QR and NFC if your tablet/phone supports NFC

You can easily work offline with Onix Inspect, download customer data when you have a connection, and upload it after the job is done.

Yes, you can take pictures of your findings on the checklist.

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