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Create Quick Inspection

Some equipment require yearly inspection and Quick Inspection job may be used to document the inspection performed. Quick Inspection Job can only be used for equipment where checklist is not required. It is only possible to create Quick Inspections on equipment with the same owner.

Quick Inspection job are created from the Equipment module.
Select the equipment you want to include in the job and select “Create Quick Inspection” in the multiple equipment selection menu.


You have to choose form: Quick Inspection (M), and the job date.

The job will be created, and you will find your different equipment in the Equipment tab.

It is also possible to add Equipment from the equipment tab when working on the collection. Status and due date will be updated for all included equipment.

In order to Archive the Quick Inspection, you have to choose job status: Inspected. You register status for individual equipment in the Equipment tab. Here you can also add comment.
When adding document, this document will be attached to all equipment registered in the collection.

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