What’s new this time? Several improvements, but most important: super-quick document search and introducing Product. Read on to get the juicy details.

We have worked hard for almost four months since the last release, and are very happy to introduce Onix Work version 1.7 to you. We have made a number of adjustments and improvements, and think that most of you will greatly appreciate the two main news: Document search and Product. Remember our online tool for Feedback is still open 24/7, from the Onix Work start page.

New! Super quick search-engine for finding documents

We know that many users experience long wait-times when searching for documents, and in extreme cases searches have been seen to exceed the system time-out limit.

Version 1.7 introduces a completely new search-engine for documents!
This reduces search-times by 80-90% compared to version 1.6. The highly specialized search-engine is so fast that we manage to generate hits there first, and in addition to fetch relevant document-info from the Onix Work database, all within fractions of the old search-times.

To make this happen, we need to synchronize the search-engine continuously, whenever documents are added or modified. This means that there will be a lead time of up to a minute before a new document is searchable in the document module.

Bye-bye to Article – Hello to Product

The new version of Onix Work says: goodbye Article, welcome Product!

In addition to the name change of this module, we have created a brand new aggregate level Product that we call Product Group.
By connecting Products to a Product Group, you gain the ability to handle similar products in one, common screen, having full overview of the whole product family.

You can freely create new Product Groups, or change an existing Product into a Group.
We even provide you with a function where similar Products can be joined into a new Group which then will automatically inherit all common traits and definitions of its members.

Structured handling and overview of Products have never been easier!

Other changes

  • Searching
    • New search-option in Document module: Contact
    • Free-text search in Equipment: Equipment-Id’s + Type, Model and Producer are now set as default for new users.
  • Reports
    • 2D barcode (single): New option: ‘Barcode only’
    • Custom Reports, Inspection Overview:
      Now includes job types: Initial | Special- and 4-year control
    • Inspection Report:
      The report dialog has a new option for date range.
      Now includes job types: Initial | Special- and 4-year control
  • Forms
    • Form 4 and Form 4(M): New content generated for sub-equipment. Individual test-values for sub-equipment has been removed.
    • Form 5: «Position of signatory» has been removed
    • Control Card: The «Periodic 4-year control» job type has been added
    • ILO 2: Type has been added (in addition to existing Model)
    • ILO 3: Type has been added, identical equipment is now grouped
    • DNV Forms: «Reference standard» is no longer linked to «Tested acc. to»
    • (M) Forms in general: Qty + Comment fields on individual equipment have been removed from all M-forms, except in Equipment Collection forms.
  • Settings
    • New option in System Setup: Set status OK on all checkpoints in new jobs
    • External data-sources, Import Equipment: Now includes Properties
    • External data-sources, Import Products: Now includes Properties
  • Other

New «Tool-tip» pop-up function to show content in too narrow fields. Implemented in «Add Equipment»-dialog and Product Group grid-view.