Introducing Onix Worker, a Powerful New App from Onix

Onix Worker App

Onix Worker

Built with the field worker in mind.
The power of Onix Work, in the palm of your hand.

Effortlessly stay up to date on issues related to your Onix Work account through your smartphone with the Onix Worker app. This app is built with the field worker in mind and keeps users up to date with information connected to their Onix Work account.

This app makes it even simpler for those with an Onix Work account to access user manuals, certificates, operator maintenance including daily checks, overall inspection status and other key information pertaining to the tools and equipment at their work site. We’ve also added camera functionality to operator maintenance checklists enabling you to concretely identify concerns for further escalation.


Onix Worker Home Screen

Perform concise on-site safety analysis
Stay safe at work with up to date information. Maintain QHSE requirements more concisely and accurately with up to the minute summaries of equipment connected to your account. Sustain seamless oversight over your equipment and prevent safety incidents.

Tag equipment with QR codes to get direct access to equipment data and documentation
Our core system is QR code equipped to help you quickly and accurately identify equipment and documentation.

Easily accessible user manuals
Get rid of all the paperwork and upload user manuals to Onix Work, then access your user manuals via Onix Worker anywhere you have your smartphone.

Register Observations

Onix Worker Add Observation Screen

Register user observations of equipment with photos
Some concerns are better illustrated with photos and with this feature, a photo can save you countless hours accurately identifying observations. This function allows enables users to concretely identify concerns for further escalation.


Onix Worker Jobs Screen
Perform daily or weekly operator maintenance with your own checklists
Build your workflow with your own personalized operator maintenance checklists in Onix Work. Workers can then use these checklists in the Onix Worker app to show that daily checks and weekly maintenance have been performed.

Review and update the safety status of equipment


Onix Worker Documents Screen
Readily accessible certificates and declarations of conformity
View your documents on the go – from your home office, in a satellite office or on the train.


Onix Worker Equipment Screen
Utilize favorites for quick access to the equipment you use most frequently
Streamline your use of the Onix Worker app by assigning favorites to the equipment you use most frequently.

App is available in both English and Norwegian languages

This app is used in collaboration with Onix Work, a cloud-based software solution for equipment safety certificates, declarations of conformity and asset management systems.

Our core product, Onix Work, streamlines work processes for suppliers, inspectors and users of work equipment by keeping the most important documentation up to date in one cloud-based solution. Onix Work builds on over 20 years of experience and close collaboration with demanding clients.
Onix Worker App Handheld
With Onix Work, you have access your documentation anywhere, at any time – on desktop, iOS device or Android device. Onix Work delivers real-time documentation and monitoring throughout the entire value chain – all through a secure cloud solution.

Get rid of all the paperwork and easily keep your business up to date on the processes which matter most.
Onix Worker App

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