From Onix Express to Onix Work: Take control of your lifting equipment!

Discover the value of Onix Work

Benefits of working with Onix Work

Ownership of documentation

Manage your own documentation and minimize the risk of loss. Have all the necessary information just a few keystrokes away.


Simplified collaboration with your suppliers and inspectors. Get all your documentation and equipment information gathered in one place.

Equipment list

Full control over all lifting equipment, from administration to maintenance.

Onix Work utstyr oversikt


Get a snapshot of your equipment situation. Quick insight into issues and alerts.


Complete historical log of all documentation and equipment to demonstrate compliance.

Effective Reporting

Generate detailed reports on equipment status, maintenance activities and certifications.

Over 500 companies use Onix Work for their lifting equipment!

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Getting started with Onix Work is easy

Traditionally, it has been very time-consuming to collect and maintain statutory information and documents related to your equipment. Onix Work has done something about that.

Onix Work utstyr oversikt

You own your own documentation

Onix Work is a powerful tool that helps you get a complete overview of all the equipment available in your company. With this overview, you keep track of all the equipment that the company uses, and you always know whether the equipment is safe for use or not.

Use dashboards

With dashboards, you will easily be able to see the total number of issues and get a quick overview of what needs to be done to correct any problems.

Onix Work dashboard

Create, delegate and resolve issues

Report problems or findings digitally with severity, comments and photos

Digital checklists

You can easily document jobs such as pre-use inspection, operator maintenance or preventive maintenance

Onix ID

Mark equipment with QR codes or NFC chips and give everyone direct access to equipment information, user manuals and documentation

Meet all deadlines

Get automatic reminders about the next mandatory check on your equipment

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onix id

Onix ID

By attaching the code to the equipment, everyone can have quick and easy access to relevant information. The information includes product description, specifications, manuals, and maintenance histories.

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