Functionality for equipment owners, expert inspectors and suppliers of lifting equipment that excites.

Onix Work makes your day safe and efficient. You can reduce the risk of accidents, gather and organize documentation, quickly search for equipment documentation and report issues with text and pictures. Our smartphone apps help you obtain equipment status instantly on iOS device or Android. Onix Work provides a user-friendly but robust way to manage your documents, contributing to a safer workplace.

Always In The Palm of Your Hand – Data Available 24/7 Through Our Smartphone Apps

Effortlessly stay up to date on issues related to your Onix Work account through your smartphone with the Onix Worker app. This app is built with the field worker in mind and keeps users up to date with information connected to your Onix Work account.

Segment first line maintenance tasks into user friendly checklists

Build your own personal workflow with personalized first line maintenance checklists in Onix Work. Field workers can then use these checklists to show that daily checks and weekly maintenance have been performed.

Easily accessible user manuals

Upload user manuals to Onix Work, then access your user manuals anytime via iOS or Android anywhere you have your smartphone.

As an owner of work equipment, you must meet strict requirements of transparency, oversight and documentation. With Onix Work, you collect all legal documentation and equipment data in one place, available 24/7. Onix Work is an all in one cloud-based software solution, contributing to a safer workplace. Consistently comply with regulatory requirements in an efficient manner, all while cutting overall expenditures.

Add additional functionality in Onix Work with Onix Tool Store to easily know what is lent out and to whom and likewise what is available in stock. You may perform internal inspections with Onix Inspection which is included.

Simplifies and streamlines collaboration between key stakeholders

Our cloud-based solution means all your data and documentation is collected in one place automatically. Efficient information transfer between key stakeholders means you save time and man hours between suppliers, inspectors and your own field workers.

Receive documentation and equipment data fully registered or register it on your own

Instantly receive documentation and equipment data all collected in one place, fully registered by the supplier. Alternatively, you can complete this work on your own and share it in one secure cloud-based solution.

Easily Comply with Regulatory Requirements While Keeping Costs in Check

Inspections can easily be outsourced to external companies and completed on-or offline. Using the same solution for inspections saves time, reducing your inspection fees.

Reduce data transfer costs when switching inspectors or optimizing internal processes. Our cloud-based solution always covers your needs

Inspections are done directly in Onix Work, with automatically generated inspection documents. Your customers always receive a full overview of the work completed and errors are documented with pictures. Efficiently locate equipment with RFID and QR-codes.

Efficiency in registering and administering paperwork

Onix Work creates synergies and facilitates paperless interaction between you and your clients. With Onix Work you can register and track customers, equipment and complete inspection reviews, all through our secure cloud-based solution.

If your customers also use Onix Work, they can complete some registration tasks in advance, enabling seamless information transfer. Otherwise, if you use Onix Express, the documentation is digitally available for any customer, on all platforms, 24/7.

Thorough and accurate documentation, instant availability

Onix Work generates thorough and accurate documentation in several languages which is instantly available to your customers. We offer documentation in English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Execute and complete inspections offline as well as use checklists and photos to document errors in Onix Inspection.

Complete equipment registry

Onix Work provides a complete overview of equipment that you are responsible for inspecting. In Onix work, you can quickly and easily search for and retrieve equipment based on various search criteria. It is easy to see if equipment is overdue for an inspection, as well as the equipment’s previous inspection results.

Onix Work lets you quickly and efficiently generate all legally required documentation for your customers. This means declarations of conformity, certificates, user manuals, technical specifications, pictures and much more.

Digitally deliver accurate documentation automatically

Be assured that your documentation is accurate, consistent and complete, has met all the necessary legal requirements and can be delivered at once with Onix Work. You have complete control over which information is included in your documentation and can customize it to suit your company’s needs.

Reduce delivery time of equipment and time-consuming work processes

Deliver this documentation on demand with our paperless digital solution, reducing errors and delays. With Onix Express customers have access to what you have delivered directly from your website, on all digital platforms, 24/7. Get rid of all the paperwork and digitize your entire work process.

And with Onix Work, you meet all mandatory archival requirements as documentation is stored for 10 years.

Provide extra value to your customers

If your customers also are using Onix Work, your job is even simpler, as they will instantaneously have all documentation and equipment data electronically. Imagine what kind of value that gives your largest customers.