How can you deliver all legally required documents efficiently and make sure your customers can get access 24/7?

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Producing, delivering, and storing documents for your customers can be a costly affair

  • Customers expect increasingly more regarding documents that is to be delivered with the equipment they purchase
  • Manual work processes internally may cause errors or delay in the delivery and essentially reduce your profit margin
  • Not everyone involved with the delivery has the knowledge on legal requirements for different kinds of work equipment
  • Traditional ERP systems do not normally have the required information or features to produce these kinds of documents, especially not in large scale
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Independent software where multiple companies can collaborate, create and share equipment data and documents throughout the entire value chain.

Efficiently produce, deliver, and store information, certificates, user manuals and other documents regarding the work equipment you sell to your customers. All in one place and available to you and your customers anytime and anywhere.

Onix Work gives your company a competitive edge in the increasingly demanding and digital market. Make document delivery professional, consistent and efficient with your own predefined and detailed setup. Technology like our app for picking items and RFID enables for even faster work processes.

Two multi-ethnic workers in their 30s talking in a metal fabrication plant wearing hardhats and protective eyewear. The man pointing is African-American and his coworker is Hispanic.

Customers expect the legally required documents, such as declaration of conformity, certificate, and user manual. And they need it instantly, as well as later.

Be assured that your documentation is correct, consistent, and compliant with legal requirements and can be delivered at once with Onix Work. You have complete control over which information is included in your documentation and can customize it to suit your company’s needs.

Whether your point of sale is from a warehouse or a shop, if your organization uses multiple ERP systems or you have departments in different countries, Onix Work can streamline your company’s work processes.

Replace time consuming manual tasks and paperwork with our Onix Tag app for digital and fast picking of items to order. Your customized setup relieves the point of sale to worry about documents.

Customers are required to keep these documents, but even so they tend to lose them. And who do they call? Reduce the time you spend on searching for and sending documents and add value to your delivery at the same time. With Onix Express your customers get online access to their documents - anytime and anywhere. If your customer is also using Onix Work, they get even more benefits.

And rest assured – we make sure your documents are securely stored.

Complying with rules and regulations to keep equipment safe to use can be difficult and time consuming. Onix Work can help you solve this without sacrificing a lot of your resources.

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