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Can you document that all your company’s work equipment is safe to use every day and in accordance with legal requirements?

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Keeping track of your company’s work equipment can be an overwhelming and near impossible task

  • It is very time-consuming to collect and maintain legally required information and documents related to your equipment
  • Manual work processes and physical paperwork, both internally and among external partners, makes it even more expensive
  • Confusing to know which rules apply for the different types of work equipment
  • Lacking a system for inspections and maintenance can result in unnecessary purchases, unplanned repairs, stop in operations, or work accidents

Independent software where multiple companies can collaborate, create and share equipment data and documents throughout the entire value chain.

Collect and create information, jobs and legal documents regarding your work equipment in one place. Available to your workers anytime and anywhere.

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Onix Work gives you a complete overview of your work equipment – including plans, history, and documents. It makes you compliant with your applicable regulations in an efficient manner. Technology like our apps, RFID, NFC, and QR codes enable your workers and external partners to work even more streamlined.

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In Onix Work, you create structure and manage plans for mandatory inspections, maintenance, and service of all your work equipment, as well as keep track of what has been performed.

All required documents are collected and stored in the same system and can even be made available to everyone using our QR codes Onix ID or NFC tags.

Onix Work is an independent software platform that allows for multiple companies to cooperate and share data. When you purchase new equipment from a supplier that is also using this system, you can get equipment data and documents delivered automatically and digitally into your Onix Work account.

Furthermore, when you use an inspector company that is also using the same system, sharing all of your equipment data and documents is just a few clicks away. This makes their inspection more efficient than ever, and your costs can be significantly reduced.

Our Onix Worker app allows your workers to efficiently perform ongoing tasks related to your equipment. Perform digital checklists for maintenance or pre-use checks. Register and solve findings from inspections and maintenance.

With our add-on Onix Tool Store you can make it fast and simple for workers to lend tools and equipment from your internal tool crib. Know who borrowed which tool, make sure it is returned and reduce loss and theft.

Complying with rules and regulations to keep equipment safe to use can be difficult and time consuming. Onix Work can help you solve this without sacrificing a lot of your resources.

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