How can you streamline your work process of documenting inspections in order to become even more competitive in the digital future?

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Producing documents after inspections can be a time-consuming task

  • Customers have increasingly high demands for efficiency and digital solutions
  • Manual work processes and paperwork internally can cause errors or delay in the document delivery to the client
  • Different inspectors internally may deliver different layouts or quality of inspection reports to customers
  • It is difficult to keep track of all customers’ inspection intervals and due dates
Onix Inspect

Independent software where multiple companies can collaborate, create and share equipment data and documents throughout the entire value chain.

Collect and create information, inspection reports and other documents regarding work equipment in one place. Available to your inspectors as well as your customers anytime and anywhere.

Onix Work gives your inspection company a competitive edge in the increasingly demanding and digital market. Make inspections professional and consistent with your own predefined setup and checklists. Technology like our offline app, RFID, NFC, and QR codes enable your inspectors to work even more efficiently.

Your customized checklists and setup in Onix Work with our professional templates enables your inspectors to deliver consistent and high-quality documents to your customers.

Get a complete overview of all your customers’ equipment and inspection dates in Onix Work. Never miss a deadline or a valuable job.

Our Onix Inspection app allows the inspector to complete checklists with findings and pictures onsite, even offline. The inspector can even review the results and findings with your customer and agree on repairs or more work before he leaves their workplace.

Get rid of manual paperwork after hours, increase your competitiveness and get more job in a market with small profit margins.

Customers are required to keep these documents, but even so they tend to lose them. And who do they call? Reduce the time you spend on searching for and sending documents and add value to your delivery at the same time. With Onix Express your customers get online access to their documents - anytime and anywhere. If your customer is also using Onix Work, you share even more benefits.

And rest assured – we make sure your documents are securely stored.

Complying with rules and regulations to keep equipment safe to use can be difficult and time consuming. Onix Work can help you solve this without sacrificing a lot of your resources.

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