Equipment identification

Is identifying equipment uniquely becoming a cost driver?

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Why should you tag your equipment?

Identify equipment fast and seamlessly

We all know that reading and typing (long) serial numbers can be both difficult, time-consuming, and a source of error. For equipment that only contains a batch number it also becomes impossible to uniquely identify that item in a system. By marking your equipment, you can eliminate all of this.

Efficient pre-use checks for operators

Without a digital workflow, it can become very expensive to document pre-use checks. By combining tags with smart apps, it becomes super easy to operate equipment within the regulatory requirements and prevent work accidents.

Instant access to documents for everyone

By marking your equipment, it suddenly becomes possible to have digital access to the updated documents and data wherever the equipment is being used. This gives the user of the equipment 24/7 instant access to all the information necessary – without any physical papers.

Equipment identification methods

Onix ID

Onix ID is a preprinted QR code sticker that you simply attach to an equipment piece and link to that same equipment in Onix

Onix NFC

Onix NFC (Near Field Communication) is a pre-coded asset management tag, that you can use your device to tap on.


UHF RFID tags are the only option that allows for scanning from a distance and identifying multiple types of equipment at the same time.


RFID HF has a lower read range than UHF, but still gets the job done and is widely used for equipment identification

The biggest advantage we see with QR codes is that it makes the job faster and easier. Time consumption is significantly reduced through inspections, and the documentation becomes easily accessible for both the inspector and the equipment owner.

Lars Helge Furstrand, EIVA-SAFEX AS

Onix ID and Onix NFC allow anyone to identify equipment and get online read access to individual equipment’s information and documents. Onix ID only requires a built-in camera, while Onix NFC requires a built-in reader, which most modern devices have. Simply “tap” the tag or scan the QR code to identify equipment and get access to documents from your device without downloading an app or logging in.

By combining tags with smart apps, you get so much more! Use the tags for more than read-only access to information and documents. Enable workers to perform pre-use checks with Onix Worker app and inspectors to document periodic examinations or maintenance onsite with Onix Inspect app. Imagine all the time saved when paper forms no longer have to move from field to office to field again.

While QR and NFC are ideal for everyone, RFID is for the experts. Onix supports any RFID tag.

Try for yourself

onix id

Scan the QR code

Use your smartphone camera and hold it over the QR code to scan it

Press on the equipment

You will now see a Lever Hoist, click on it

Find all relevant information

You can now see when the equipment was due, the documents attached, and all other relevant information

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