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Onix inspection helps us perform expert inspections quickly and efficiently. It helps us remove sources of error and makes the documentation more accurate compared to other solutions.

The customer gets their documentation quick and in compliance.

With Onix Inspection our inspectors have access to all necessary documents and checklists in order to perform a good and safe inspection.

Our inspectors also have a good overview of how much and what type of equipment the customer has and when the different equipment is due for next inspection.

Onix support is ready to assists us in the event of problems or errors.

I recommend anyone who needs a system to document periodic inspections and maintenance on equipment to try Onix Work.

Lars Helge Furstrand,
Eiva-Safex as

Every operator would benefit from a cloud-based system to store certificates, inspection reports and other documentation that is required to use the lifting equipment.”

When we introduced Onix Work at OKEA, we do not need binder systems with certificates that take up space on the shelves and we get faster access to inspection reports and certificates. Easy and quick access to certificates makes it easy to order lifting equipment with the same measurements and dimensions.

Onix Work also makes it easier to check in and out lifting equipment with Onix Tool Store. To get a better utilization of Onix Tool Store offshore, we have also marked all equipment with RFID, as well as QR codes on other types of tools. RFID and QR codes in combination with Onix Tool Store means that we always have an overview of the condition and location of all the equipment.

Onix Work simplifies the inspection of the expert company that performs annual inspection, which in turn leads to faster execution and cost savings.

The service from Onix is good, with user manuals posted on YouTube as well as support via mail or Skype.

Stein Roger Hopmark,

The digital database onix work works very well for us, it is continuously developing to meet our requirements and wishes. The service has always been impeccable

COSL Drilling Europe AS is very pleased to be working with Onix Work. We have had the system as our database for loose lifting accessories and lifting equipment for a long time.

All our suppliers within the inspection and delivery of lifting equipment are obliged to use Onix Work.

The value of this system is that we have control of our lifting equipment and annual inspections are carried out in less time.

Magne Vestbøstad,
COSL Drilling Europe AS

This is a system I would highly recommend for everyone who wants a seamless follow-up an overview for its customers.

I used Onix at one of Norway’s leading suppliers on control and certificates of crane, lifting equipment and fall-protection.

The software has all the functions you would need and is very easy to keep track of. We had customers with a lot of objects spread to dozens of departments. With Onix’s excellent search function there was no problem finding the exact bolt that was missing or which crane that needed to be inspected.

The customer has the same overview and therefore phone calls and questions got reduced tremendously.

The system was easy to integrate with our own internal systems and we therefore had a platform for all the solutions. A time-saving, and easy solution to large projects.

Petter Faye Rundereim

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