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Table of contents

    1. OPEN API

    Onix supports OPEN API for some common integrations. 


    Connect to API 

    Production environment:
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    Sandbox environment:
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    Data-exchange: JSON
    Secured by: Token 

    Functional categories 

    1.1 Common (Get token)
    1.2 Company (Get company information)
    1.3 Equipment (Get equipment information) 


    1.1 Common 

    (Get predefined token) 

    Common functions for getting token and some system data. 

    (In Common section) 


    1.2 Company 

    (Get company information) 

    The functions to get the company’s important information, such as locations, departments, areas, products, pictures, control categories, and so on. 

     (In Company section) 


    1.3 Equipment 

    (Get equipment information) 

    The functions to get the information of equipment in Onix Work, such as equipment details, properties, job-intervals, documents, and pictures. 

     (In Equipment section)  


    2. Web API 

    Onix supports Web API for some common integrations. To be able to connect to these functions, you will need a token. This is a unique key for your company in Onix Work. Onix will provide this for both test and production purposes. The availability for test is limited to the time-frame of a given integration project. For production it is limited to the service subscription. 


    Connect to API 


    Documentation :
    Base URL:
    Test environment:
    Documentation :
    Base URL:
    Data-exchange: JSON
    Secured by: Token 

    Functional categories 

    1.1 Order : (Transfer orders from your ERP system to Onix Work)
    1.2 Document (Transfer documents to Onix Work)
    1.3 Common (Get predefined bussiness values) 


    2.1 Order 

    (Transfer orders from your ERP system to Onix Work) 

    It is possible to fully handle orders in Onix Work. However, many suppliers have their logistics stored in a seperate system (ERP or similar). Since orders are already created, it is possible to transfer this information to Onix Work, and handle creation and distribution of documents from the Order Module. 

    Main parameters: Customer, Product, Quantity
    Target: Customer. 


    2.2 Document 

    (Transfer documents to Onix Work) 

    In some cases a document (declaration of conformity, certificate, user manual, etc) is created outside Onix Work. As an alternative to attach these documents "equipment-by equipment" in Onix Work, they can be tranferred by the Document API. 

    If the equipment does not exist, it will be created.
    There will always be a job created behind this document.
    The result is a searchable document based on equipment and job related information. 

    Main Parameters: Customer, Equipment, Job, Document
    Target: My company or Customer (including Location). 

    In order to add documents on existing equipment, the creation of the equipment must have been done from the Document API. 

    All items must then have been given a locally unique key (ImportId) that can be referred to at a later call. 

    2.3 Common 

    (Get predefined bussiness values) 

    Common functions are either needed for setup-purposes, or to collect metadata/keys for other functions. 


    3. Formatted files

    Not all companies have their own IT department/developers that are capable of connecting to an API. In this case, we offer import by csv-formatted files (spread sheet). 



    3.1 Import by Wizard
    3.2 Import by Template 


    3.1 Import by Wizard 

    Onix Work support csv-formatted files for import. For standard import of objects like products and equipment, see [OnixWork]->[Settings]->[System]->[External data-sources] + External data-sources (requires login to Onix Work) 

    You will then find a wizard that will help you perform this action. 


    3.2 Import by Template 

    For more advanced imports including jobs and documents, contact Onix for a template. The import will then be handled in cooperation with our service department.