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Onix Work User Days (incl. Onix Work Crash Course)

Here is your invitation to a free-of-charge Onix Work User Day. This is useful if you are an existing user or if you consider to become one.

The main subject of the User Day is this year’s top news – ONIX WORK.
Onix Work is a new generation software which will replace the Equipment Portal (Utstyrsportalen).
The User Day is an ideal opportunity to get Onix Work user tips and also to learn how your company can get the full potential out of the system. Get to meet other users and exchange experiences with them.

This fall User Days will be set up in Stavanger, Oslo and Bergen.
The number of participants is limited, and we allow max 2 persons per company.

User Day Registration:

Onix Work Crash Course

In connection with this fall’s User Days we organize Onix Work Crash Courses. The Crash Course will follow straight after the User Day programme. So should you wish to take a Crash Course you simply stay on after the User Day session.

Crash Course Registration:

Onix Work Elementary Course

This course teaches you the basics of how to use Onix Work. You will get an insight into what the different system modules do and you also learn how the user interfaces work. After the course you will have learned how to efficiently use the basic elements of Onix Work.

Elements in the Elementary Course:

  • Get an overview of every existing modules and learn what they can do
  • Focus on system improvements that you can start using right now, to get more efficient
  • How to get Onix Work working in an organization

Elementary Course Registration:

You may combine this course with the Onix Work Advanced Course the following day.

Onix Work Advanced Course

This course is well suited for users with some Onix Work experience. It is also ideal for existing super users, or if you plan to become one.
It is recommended that participants have used Onix Work (or the Equipment Portal) for some time, and that they understand the basic functionalities of the system.
The course will provide a thorough training in the use of the system. This shall help you avoid clutter in the system and also avoid much extra work for you.

Elements in the Advanced Course:

  • How to use advanced functionality in order to optimize the use of the whole system
  • Maintaining the article register
  • Create new users and set up them up properly
  • How to easily manage and move large equipment quantities
  • How to create and archive several inspections in one go
  • Use the Order Module to create large quantities of new equipment, with their inspection documents attached
  • Advanced use of check lists
  • How to keep Onix Work tidy and well-structured, even after everyone has started to use it
  • Inspection App

Advanced Course Registration:

Order Handling Course – The Equipment Portal vs Onix Work

This course gives an introduction to the different ways to handle orders in Onix Work contrary to how it is done in the Equipment Portal, along with new functionality. We offer standard or customized courses – according to your company’s needs. Please request an offer

Onix can offer various types of training: Ordinary Classroom Course, Online Course and Company Customized Course.

  • Classroom Course is the best setting for an efficient training. People participating get away from their daily chores and are able to fully concentrate on the subject taught.
  • Online Course – its main advantage is that the participant doesn’t need to travel. Saves time and money. Online Courses are offered upon request and will be adjusted to the company’s specific needs.
  • Company Customized Course is advantageous when you need to focus the training upon how the entire organization/ company uses the system. These courses can be held in our offices or in your company’s office.

Choose what suits your company best. Feel free to contact us and get our expert advice on what will fit your needs best. Please call +47 51 63 93 60 or send an e-mail to


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