Updates to Onix Express in Onix Work Release 1.9

by | Jul 11, 2019

Enhancement for Onix Express Users

The main features of this release are improved the usability of Onix Express for both Onix Express Users and the Supplier.

Home screen
A totally new Home Screen, more attracted and informative.

Documents module
Added Newest list, this will be listed by default 20 newest document in the logon company when Documents module is opened.

Users now can also search documents by Job Forms, Job Type, and use of Extended Search where all documents can be listed, not only the newest on each type in previous versions.

Logon screen – Register to be an Onix Express User of the Supplier
When access Onix Work from Supplier website, users can register their information to get logon account to an Express Company of the Supplier.

In Supplier site, a new functionality is also added to handle these requests. You only need to Approve or Reject the users instead of creating users/account from request email/phone.

The number pending request will be alerted in Supplier Home Screen.

Home screen – Invite Colleagues
Give another way to be Onix Express Users in Onix Work by invited from your colleagues. Or you, as an Onix Express Users, can invite your colleagues after logon. The total Onix Express Users in each company is up to 25.

Home screen – Find other suppliers
All Suppliers in Onix Work are listed so that you can find your logon accounts in whole Onix Work, or request to be Onix Express Users to another Supplier.

In Supplier site, a field for URL of a page in your website that contains access link to Onix Work. An indicator will be prompt in Home Screen if you have not setup this link yet.

Home screen – Activate Trial Membership
The activate trial membership functionality is back in more ituative

You can choose to start Free trial with your current data and connection to your supplier, or dummy data with connection to Onix Work Demo company.

An interactive tutorial helps you with initial setup and get familier to basic functionality in Onix Express.

This will start in your first logon, or anytime from Home screen

Logon – Terminate user account
Your Onix Express Users account will be terminated if you have not logged in in 1 year.
There will be 3 reminders in 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days before termination.

User Setting – Your updated information will be synced
After logon by our Onix Express Users, when you update your information in User Settings dialog, the updated information in your contact will also effect to all contacts in other company.
As an Onix Express User, you can update Name and Position info now.
An alert will be displayed if you have not updated your information in 1 year.

Some functionality is also added to Supplier site for actions in their Onix Express Users.

Company module – Add button to invite multiple contacts

Supplier now can invite multiple users once, by creating new contact with name and email, or selecting from existing contact lists.
The limitation for number of Onix Express Users in each Express Companies is 25. This rule is also applied in “Invite as User” button.

Onix Express Users invitations – Reminder for invitation cancellation
Each Onix Express User Invitation now will be expired in 28 days.
The Expiry Date info is added in Invitation Emails

There are reminder emails after 7 days and 14 days before cancellation.
Information for invitation and reminder will be shown in Onix Express Contact detail

Order module
A message will be displayed when you process order to a customer that has no active user. That saves your time to switch to Company module to check if there is anyone in the customer company can receive your deliver.

User Setting – Remind to update user information
Add alert message in Users Settings if the logon users have not updated their information in 1 year

Equipment Reception & Conversion

New functionality to create mapping between your product to one or more supplier product. Then, upcoming equipment also your existing equipment will prefer to your product, instead of product from supplier. So that, as an equipment owner, you can entirely control rules/data on your equipment.

This includes:


A place you can have an overview about usage of products and properties on your equipment.
The counted equipment is based on your configured Start Date.
Then you can activate to have alert or auto convert equipment these equipment using your defined linking

Product Linking
Where you can create connection between your supplier products (that are being used on your equipment) and your product, start from list of products defined by other companies, but are being used on your equipment.
Based on the linking, you can manually convert your equipment, or wait for the auto conversion (if configured).

Property Linking
Where you can create connection between supplier properties (that are used on your equipment) to your properties or Onix Work defined properties, start from list of properties defined by other companies, but are being used on your equipment.
Based on the linking, you can manually convert your equipment, or wait for the auto conversion (if configured).

Manage your equipment properties

Merge Properties
There is also a functionality for you to cleanup your properties by merging them together, or with Onix Work defined properties.

Equipment Search
Add options for you to search equipment by its properties.

Form Changes

Form 3, Form 3(M), Form 4, Form 4(M)
Text in bottom of form now get from Footer, you can change if needed. And can get the default text anytime.

Change form names
Default Form Name displayed in Settings and Onix Work reference in reports are changed to remove every “Norwegian looking” text and make the name of the forms more compatible with Onix Inspection.
The use of Customer Form Name is also changed to be clearer that when Description is empty, we will get the translation texts

Use of tons/tonnes
Changes text for tonnes in all languages, in all places.

Control Card
Onix Work reference is added to Control Card form.

All Control Card text is replaced by “Inspection” from now.

Equipment Collection
All Equipment Collection text is replaced by “Quick Inspection” from now.

EKH Certificate
Add “Consist of” caption


Use of Phone
Make order/translation for Phone info be same in all places.

Text in emails
Improve text in emails to be clearer and more informative.


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