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by | May 30, 2017

Onix Transfer is the new name of the app previously known as Order Adapter.

Onix Transfer helps you transfer orders from your ERP system to Onix Work. Use of this application requires that your company has a license for use. If you have a license and have lost the link for download, please contact

To log on, chose File -> Logon. Here you use the same credentials as you use to log on to Onix Work. Chose Server: UP Production.

If you enter the wrong username and/or password, you will not be able to click “OK” in the dialogue. There will be no other indication that you have entered the wrong information, other than being unable to click OK after clicking Apply.

Wrong username/password:

Correct username/password:

After successfully logging in, the company you are connected to will be registered in Company. Enter order number, and chose Transfer. You can choose either to open Onix Work directly after transfer, or not, by clicking “Open order after transfer”.

When you transfer an order, you get a message summarizing transferred orders directly in the application.

In Order-module, you can add a location to your chosen customer. If you add a location, this will be default for all orders, up until you decide to change or remove location.

Because Onix Transfer is an app installed locally, there are a number of errors that can occur. Following are a few of the ones we see happen the most often.

  1. Your company does not have a license for Onix Transfer.
    Without a license, the application cannot be used for transferring orders. Contact if you are interested in knowing more about Onix Transfer and its pricing.
  2. Username and/or password is wrong.
    A tip is to first log in to Onix Work. Because the same credentials are used in both, a successful log-in to Onix Work will mean successful log-in to Onix Transfer. If you are unable to log in, try to reset your password, or check with your administrator if you are in fact a full user of Onix Work.
  3. Server message: User not authorized.

    This error message is referring to your logon details.
    It can be that your user does not have the necessary user privileges to access Onix Transfer. The administrator of your Onix Work account sets these user privileges on each user in settings under ‘Contacts & Users’

    Or it can be that your logon details are wrong. If you are already logged on when you open Onix Transfer, it could be that your password has changed since you last logged on. To access the logon window, go to ‘File’ and click ‘Log out’ followed by ‘File’ and ‘Logon’.
  4. Unable to locate order.
    If you write order number any different than what is registered in ERP system, you will not be able to transfer order. If you get this error, please check the order number. Also make sure there are no spaces before or after the number itself. This error can also mean that access to ERP system or Internet is not working.
  5. This order already exists at the target site.
    If you get this error, the order has already been transferred. If you chose to transfer order again, you will replace the previous order.
  6. Order is transferred to the wrong customer.
    Sometimes an order will be transferred to the wrong customer. Onix Transfer remember what company was last transferred to when the customer was used, and will transfer to the same company until this is manually changed. If for example an order has been transferred, and then someone else changes the owner in the Order module before order has been processed, the new owner will be owner at the time of the next transfer. It is also possible to manually change what company the newly transferred order should be added to, by opening the menu “ERP Company Link Setup” on the non-processed order in Order module.
  7. Invalid connection.
    This error indicates that there is no connection to ERP system or SQL server. In most cases, this needs assistance from your IT department, and there is little we as Onix can do to help. At the end of every “Invalid connection”-error, there is a more detailed description of the problem.
  8. Can’t detect customer with CompanyID.
    This error means that Onix Work cannot locate the company you are trying to transfer order on, in Onix Work. Please make sure that the company is in fact correct, and update Onix Transfer to the latest version and sync with server (F9) again. If the company has just been registered in Onix Work, Onix Transfer need to sync with server to access this newly created company.


General tips for troubleshooting in Onix Transfer:

  • Make sure your PC/Windows is up to date. Updates from Windows can affect all installed software.
  • Update Onix Transfer often. All companies using Onix Transfer has a link for downloading the program, and this link will at all times be updated with the latest version.
  • Check to see if another user can transfer the same order as you, if you are experiencing issues. By doing this, you can locate if the error is regarding the order in general, your computer or related to your network.

If you have questions not covered in this article or other issues regarding Onix Transfer, please contact

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