Register and view issues or checklist based jobs on equipment

by | Mar 1, 2018

Logged on member users can register issues and jobs for equipment from:

  • Equipment Details
  • Job list

See: View details of equipment
See: Job list

There are 3 options for creating a job:

  • Use Checklist: create a job using template Checklist of logon company, configured in Onix Work. Only active Checklists are listed.
  • New Issue: add comment/note for equipment that is not based on any checklist.
  • Handle open issues: follow up ‘not OK’ checkpoints from previous jobs of equipment and open issues created in Onix Work. Approved issues come first in Open issues list – which has been reviewed and approved from Onix Work.

When creating/editing job:

  • More Issue can be added

    Or deleted in Issue detail.
  • Open issues can be added/removed in Open Issues list

Clicking on row of each issue to open Issue Details.

As in Onix Work, each Issue will have these following information:

  • Comment
  • Status (mandatory)
  • Pictures
  • Due Date (only available for New Issues for now)

In More option, users can find some actions on opening job:

  • File Current Job: only enable when all issues have status.
  • Delete Current Job: permanently delete the job.

Created jobs will be displayed in Job list for further track.

See: Job list


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