Perform Inspection

by | Jul 31, 2017

The Inspection option allows you to inspect individual pieces of equipment, both with or without a checklist, with individual Inspection Reports as the result.

Tap the “Inspection” tile in the Main menu to open the Inspection section.

Based on inspection regime in Customer screen, the respective form will be created. There are 3 types:

  • Standard: Inspection Report
  • LOLER: Report of Thorough Examination
  • EKH: EKH Examination Report

This section allows you to inspect equipment, setting status and optionally filling a detailed checklist.
You can add more than one equipment to Inspection Report and Report of Thorough Examination, a job form will be created for each individual equipment, and the status, comment and checklist will be added to all equipment connected to the inspection.
You cannot add more than 1 equipment for EKH Examination Report.

Search and select equipment first.

You can use search engine to search for equipment, or collect equipment directly by either:

  • Tap “Scan RFID” button on the bottom toolbar then scan the equipment’s tags.
  • Tap “Read QR Code” button on the bottom toolbar then read the equipment’s QR code. The QR code may be the EPC of equipment or the ad-hoc QR code linked to equipment.

You can add more equipment by search or scan for another.

Find equipment and Found Equipment list

Tap “Search for Equipment” button on the bottom toolbar (if the Find Equipment section is not displayed) to open search screen.

After searching, equipment is listed in Found Equipment pane.

Equipment already inspected (With either Inspection Report, Report of Thorough Examination or EKH Examination Report) and not uploaded yet will not be displayed in the result.

Select the row then tap “Select Equipment” button on the bottom toolbar to include the equipment in the list.

If you select multiple items to the Equipment List of the inspection, each equipment will still get their individual inspection report. The criteria for selecting multiple equipment to an inspection is that the equipment is within the same control category, uses the same checklist and that the result of the inspection is the same (OK or NC).

You can also create new equipment: tap “Create Equipment” button.

See: Create new equipment using Onix Inspection

Inspection Details

After selecting at least one equipment, fill in details for the inspection in Inspection Details pane.

  • Tap “Checklist” field to view the list of checklists, optionally select one.
    Checklists used in Inspection are configured in Onix Work Portal of logon company. To fill out a checklist, you must make sure that the list is connected to the Control Category or equipment. To update the link between checklist and control category, you must download metafiles after the update is done.
    See: Checklists
  • Select a status by tapping on the status button.
    Note that, you can only select the status that is worse than or equal to the worst status of all check points in the check list.

Equipment details

Tap the “Switch Screen” to view the Equipment allocated to the Inspection.

Details of selected equipment are displayed in the Equipment Details pane.

You can also edit selected equipment: Tap “Open Equipment” button on the bottom toolbar

See: Edit equipment using Onix Inspection

If you selected a check list, you have to fill that check list before finishing the inspection by “Fill in Checklist” button.

See: Fill in checklist, Onix Inspection


To view the chart, tap “Open Chart” button on the bottom toolbar.

Tap “Save & Close” button in the bottom toolbar to save and close inspection.

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