Manual registration of new equipment

by | May 3, 2017

To add new equipment in Onix Work, you first have to choose the Equipment module. It’s also possible to add new equipment directly from Order module.

Chose “New” at the top left corner. Here you can either fill in all information manually, or you can choose to use products. We recommend use of products when creating new equipment.
The company you are logged in to, will per default be both Owner and Supplier.
When you save the information, the properties and documents tied to the product will be included, if this is registered on the product. You must register control category, plus serial number or batch number, to be able to save your new equipment.

You can also set equipment as favorite by clicking on the star. Then, the equipment will be set as favorite and a purple star will automatically show up in the equipment information.

See: Set favorite equipment and locations

See: Create equipment

When you change owner on the equipment, it’s important to either create a company connection, or that the company is registered in Company-module.
If the equipment change owner to a company without their own access to Onix Work, you will be able to edit the equipment as you see fit.
If the new owner of the equipment has their own Onix Work, you will not be able to edit owner and/or supplier. This is something the owner of the equipment can do in their own Onix Work.
Assuming you have created the company connection correctly, the new equipment will immediately be available in the new owners Onix Work.

When you have saved the information on equipment, you will see that the equipment is registered with no control status. This is marked with a blue question mark.
To get a status, you need to perform and file a job on the equipment or set the status manually from the multiselect option menu in the equipment module.

See: Create Control Documentation

When a job is archived, the status of the equipment will be updated. You will also have the newly created documentation available, in the tab Documents.


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