How to create a Job Report

by | Oct 8, 2019

The Job Report is useful for you as inspectors and your customers.

When you have finished your inspection work for a customer, you need to:

  • Report your findings
  • Assign repair responsibilities
  • Get your customers signature
  • Generate, archive and distribute the signed report

The Job Report does it all. It is available from Onix Inspection and Onix Work.

Onix Inspection

The Job Report can be started after upload or from the Home screen.

  •  From Home screen > Job Report 
  • From Review Inspections > Upload > Job Report

“Job Report” button only be displayed when your upload is completed.

Create a Job Report

Create your Job Report with 5 steps:

  1. Customize conditions
  2. Inspection summary
  3. Checkpoint status + Issue
  4. Signature
  5. Job Report summary

1. Customize conditions

The first step determines what to include.

  • Customer / Location / Order No & Cust. Order No.: Loaded by default from your input in Customer tile.
  • Expert: You can include jobs from you or another inspector; or jobs from all inspectors within your company.

Upon completion, a summary of jobs and equipment found will be counted automatically.

2. Inspection summary

The next two steps summarize findings from Inspections and Quick Inspections, to quickly help you track amount and status per control category.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

3. Checkpoint status + Issues

This step helps you have a quick glance at all the checkpoint status of your equipment, and assign repair responsibilities of issues accordingly.

You will find these issues in Onix Work with the issue owner you have selected.


4. Signature

Get your customers signature on your device using their finger or a stylus pen to verify the inspection results.

Your Job Report will be generated with this signature.

5. Job Report summary

In this step, you can distribute the signed Job Report with other peers by their emails and they will receive a PDF copy of the Job Report.

You can select “Previous” to go back and add / remove the report content.

When you hit “Finish”, the Job Report will be generated and stored in Onix Work.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Job Report document

The Job Report document is linked to all equipment included in the report. You can find it in Documents module or Equipment module.

It is named by the date you create it, which helps you track reports effortlessly.


Onix Work

The Job Report can also be created from Onix Work. You can start the report from two modules.

  • From Equipment module Job Report
  • From Jobs module Job Report

Follow the same 5-step process as described above for Onix Inspection in order to create the Job Report in Onix Work.

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