Getting Started With Onix Tag

by | Jul 30, 2019

Onix Tag (also known as Onix Pick List) is application allows you to easily handle orders located in Onix Work:

  • Pick equipment by scanning equipment’s RFID tags
  • Provide ID for equipment in orderlines
  • Edit properties of orderlines
  • Print labels for equipment
  • Change EPC code on equipment’s tags

Get Started – Main menu

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Main menu has 7 tiles corresponding to 7 sections:
Logon: View Logon page or log in by another account.
Sync with Server: Synchronize to get latest data from server.
Settings: Browse setting files.
Scanner: Read EPC code from/Write EPC code to equipment’s tags.
Download Order: Search and download an order from server.
Pick List: Handle the orderlines of downloaded order: edit properties, pick equipment, or provide ID for equipment
Print Labels: Setting for label layout and print labels for selected equipment.


  1. Open Pick List application
  2. Select Server “UP Production”
  3. Fill your Email and Password provided by administrator
  4. Click “Apply” button at the bottom toolbar

You only have to log in the first time you open the Pick List application. After that, any time you open, it will redirect to the Main menu.

Sync with Server

Click the “Sync with Server” tile in the Main menu to get latest data from server.


Click the “Settings” tile in the Main menu to open local folder that contains setting files.

Download Order

Click the “Download Order” tile in the Main menu to open the Download Order section.

You can filter the orders by Company, Location, enter the full or a part of order number to search for orders.

Select an order in the list then click “Download” button to download content of the order.

Pick List

Click the “Pick List” tile in the Main menu to open the Pick List section. All orderlines of downloaded order are listed with their equipment lists.

This section allows you to:

  • Edit properties of orderlines
  • Edit Serial/Batch number and other information of equipment in orderlines
  • Pick the ID from equipment’s tags for the equipment that do not have ID yet
  • Generate a range of values to apply for several equipment

Note that, you can edit equipment only for orderlines that have not been processed yet.

  • Click “Reset” icon on each equipment to undo your changes on it.
  • Click “Reset All” button if you want to undo all editing that you have just made.
  • When finish editing and picking, click “Submit” button to upload all changes.
  • Clicking “Open” button will open Download Order section.
  • Clicking “Print Labels” button will open Print Labels section.

Scan Equipment Tags
Connect to an RFID reader device, then scan equipment’s tags to get their codes.

  • Scan the tag one by one: click “Scan” button
  • Scan several tags: click “Repeat” button and click “Stop” when finish scanning

The codes that are read from the tags will be set to the equipment that do not have ID in the equipment list of opening orderline.

Generate range of values
This function will help you to generate a range of values and set to a column of several equipment of opening orderline.

  • First, select the equipment that you want to start settin
  • Focus on the field that you want to set valu
  • Click “Range” button, the pane for range definition will ope
  • Define a range of value
  • Click “Range” icon at the right bottom of the pane to finish

Generated range of values will be set to the selected column, start from current focused equipment to the end of the list.

The existing value will be overwritten.

Print labels

Click the “Print Labels” tile in the Main menu to open the Print Labels section.

From here, you can select equipment in orderlines then print labels containing 2D barcode and some information of the equipment

Layout Settings
Click “Layout” button on Print Labels screen to open 2D Barcodes dialog.

You can select which information of the equipment to be displayed together with the 2D barcode.

You can also set the font size for the text displayed in the label. Click OK button when finish settings.

Print Labels
In order to print labels, select one or some equipment in the orderline then click «Print» button.

The Preview window will be opened to show the labels of selected equipment.


Click the “Scanner” tile in the Main menu to open the Scanner section. In here, you can change EPC code on an equipment’s tag:

    • Scan the tag by RFID device, click “Read” button
    • Fill in “New EPC Code” then click “Write” button The new EPC code will be written down to the tag.

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

For registration, click here Place: Stavanger, Scandic Royal (Løkkeveien) Date: 11 - 12 March 2020 Cost per attendee: Kr. 7500,- + VAT. In addition, 580,- pr. day, per. person that includes coffe, snacks and lunch Welcome to Onix days 2020 with focus on Onix Work,...


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