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by | Dec 4, 2017

Onix Express is a free read access to documentation provided by your inspector and / or supplier. This can be certificates, declarations of conformity, user manuals, control documentation, etc.

How do I become an Onix Express user?

There are three ways to get an Onix Express user:

  1. From invitation email

You contact the supplier or inspector that you receive your documentation from and ask for an Onix Express user. They will send you an email and you follow the instructions:

If this is the first Onix Express invitation you have received, you will be taken straight to the logon window:

If you already have an Onix Express user at another company, then you will be asked to accept the correct invitations:

2. From logon window

You can request an Onix Express user from the supplier or inspector from the log on screen of Onix Work.

To request user from the relevant supplier or inspector, make sure you access Onix Work through their website.

Input your email and click “Click here for help logging in”. Now an email will be sent with further instructions:

  • If your email is already a user for the chosen supplier or inspector, a Forgot Password email will be sent so that you can reset your password and logon as normal.
  • If the supplier has set up an open invitation to anyone under your mail domain, an Invitation email will be sent to you with an activation link. Click on the link to start to create your account. You will be prompted to enter information about your own user

3. From another supplier

Find logon links of other suppliers or request document access using the Onix Express home screen.

From the following window you can ask for an Express user to other suppliers or inspectors.

How do I log in to Onix Express?

In order to access your documents, you have to log in via the supplier / inspectors website.

This is important as there is a unique link on each website that tells Onix Work which company to log in to.

If you log in via, you will always log in to the company you last logged in to.
Should you not find the link on the website, please contact the supplier / inspector.
Here is an example of how the login button may look like:

Enter your username and password in the Log in dialogue.

Forgotten password

In the login dialog, you can click on “login help”.
This will send an automatic e-mail to the registered e-mail address and you will receive further instructions.
From here you can choose to “Reset password” and create a new one.

How do I use Onix Express?

Main screen

Interactive tutorial

When you sign in to Onix Express, an interactive tutorial will help you with initial setup and basic functionality.

The interactive tutorial will always be available from the home screen by clicking “Tutorial”

Documents and Search Filter

You can find your documents in 3 ways:

  • Via the Document module on the top right next to user settings
  • Via the dashboard and “DOCUMENTS”
  • Via “Get Started and “Onix Express”

By going to documents you get an overview of the latest documents that have been generated, as well as a search filter with the possibility to search for specific documents on given criteria such as serial number, order number, type description, location, etc

There are some Advanced search criteria in the document module. You can also search for documents within job schedule and control type as well as an extended search that provides all documents, including any sub-equipment.

Invite colleagues

Onix Express users can now give up to 25 of their colleague’s access to delivered documents with a single click.

Activate free trial membership

As an Onix Express user you also have the option of activating a 30-day free trial membership with Onix Work. This way you can experience the other options which are available in the full version of Onix Work. You can choose to start a free trial membership using your current data obtained from your provider, or you can use demo data from an Onix Work demo company.

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

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