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In Onix Work, you have a number of different forms available. These are:

  • Attest
  • Attest Samleliste (M)
  • DNV 2.7-1 (special setup required)
  • DNV 2.7-3 (special setup required)
  • EKH Examination Report
  • EKH Certificate
  • Fall Arrest
  • ILO Form 2
  • ILO Form 3 (M)
  • ILO Form 4
  • Inspection Report
  • Form 3
  • Form 3 (M)
  • Form 4
  • Form 4 (M)
  • Form 5
  • Oppdrett (M)
  • Product Certificate (M)
  • Report of Thorough Examination
  • Quick Inspection (M)
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Declaration of Conformity (M)

(M) = multiple.

Each form in Onix Work is possible to adapt in your company, to a certain extent.
In Settings, you can find the option to “Forms”.
Here are all the forms you are using available and you choose which you want to enable and disable. You open the form properties by selecting the form you want to change the settings.

In the field “Description” you can choose what the form will be named, and it is this name that appears in, for example, pull-down menus when you create a new job.

In “Use General Header” you can change the name on the form. The text inserted in “Use General Header” will be included on archived form.
You also have the opportunity to create your own names for forms in different languages, then use “Use Language Dependent Header” instead of “Use General Header”.

In this menu you can also choose counter / serial number on the form, and you can select the default responsible and default expert. The one you choose here will by default be suggested on new jobs with chosen form. You can select a specific person, or (Logged in user). The fields named Imports, applies to all Onix applications, like Onix Maker and Onix Inspection.

A PDF file with examples of all available forms are attached to this article HERE.

Header, Sub header and Footer are text fields where you can enter text to have included on the documentation.
Note that this is not possible in every form.

Footer will be added to all forms except :
– EKH Examination Report
– EKH Certificate
– Report of Thorough Examination

See this list below describing the three different possibilities for header and sub header:

Not display either header or sub header:
– Oppdrett (M)
– DNV 2.7-1
– DNV 2.7-3
– EKH Examination Report (only Dutch/English)
– EKH Certificate (only Dutch/English)

When form language = English, only sub header is displayed.
When form language = All other languages, both header and sub header are displayed:
– Attest (only Norwegian)
– Attest Samleliste (M) (only Norwegian)
– ILO Form 2 (only English)
– ILO Form 3 (only English)
– ILO Form 4 (only English)
– Inspection Report
– Quick Inspection (M)
– Form 3
– Form 3 (M)
– Form 4
– Form 4 (M)
– Form 5

Display both header and sub header:
– Fall Arrest
– Declaration of Conformity
– Declaration of Conformity (M)
– Product Certificate (M)
– Report of Thorough Examination (only English)


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