Follow up of your own equipment

by | May 5, 2017

As an equipment owner you are responsible for all your work equipment, having regulatory requirement compliance needs, are valid for use. In the equipment module, the equipment list displays each equipment with status icons showing the equipment’s approved status, status of the last inspection, as well as the equipment due date.

If there is any equipment currently not approved for use (Red Status-icon), this equipment should be set as Inactive or Discarded or a new inspection must be done when the fault is corrected and new status will be set on the equipment.

To help you follow up the equipment due date, you must:

  • Verify due date on all equipment
  • Manually update due date when expert is not a member of Onix Work
  • Set not used equipment inactive
  • Set broken equipment discarded

You have different ways to follow up equipment with due date in the next period.

  • In Settings – System Setup you can set up an alert mail, which will be sent to your notification contact and/or the location contact every week or month.
  • In the equipment list you can search for equipment with due date in the next period.
  • The Due Equipment graph on the front page will show you the total amount of overdue equipment in your organization and equipment which will be overdue the next months.

We recommend you connect equipment to locations and assign a contact person to the location. Only equipment for the actual location will then be sent to the location contact in the alert email and the location contact will have only relevant equipment to follow up.

If any of your equipment is inspected by an external, expert inspector that is not an Onix Work member company, you will have to register the control documentation and updated expiry dates manually in Onix Work.

If you do an internal inspection of your own equipment, make sure that the inspections are documented and carried out according to your company guidelines.

See: Follow-up on inactive equipment
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