Import data using external data-sources

by | Aug 1, 2017

In Onix Work, you are able to import and export data.

If your company uses Power BI you can export data from Onix Work, and you can import products and/or equipment registered in Excel files.

To start viewing Onix Work data in your Power BI, you find the link in “Power BI Configuration”. This is unique for your company, and must be copied as a whole.

To import products and equipment from Excel, you should first of all open the example file located in your Onix Work. There is a separate example for products and equipment.
This will show you how to register your own external products for best registering in Onix Work. After you have the updated Excel file with data you wish to import, you start the wizard that will guide you through the uploading.

When importing equipment from CSV file, you will map what columns in the file represent which fields in Onix Work.
After the mapping is done the first time, you get to save your template for future imports.

When you have mapped all columns, you will verify the data. The verification will let you know any fields with insufficient information or wrong format. When you click “Verify” and none of the rows are red, you are able to start upload. After upload is done, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of uploaded equipment.


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