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by | May 10, 2017

Onix Express is an add-on feature for suppliers and inspectors. Onix Express gives customers that are not using Onix Work themselves read-only access to documents that your company supplied to that customer. Your customers can log in at any time, from anywhere, directly from your website. Each of your customer can have 25 Onix Express users with access.

Create Onix Express User

Go to the Companies module and search for the company you wish to add users to. From Contacts tab you choose “New” to add new contact.

You must enter the name in order to save user, and you must register their e-mail in order to create an express user.
After you have saved, you will be able to invite the contact as a user.

The user will receive an email from Onix Work, stating who invited and to which company the Onix Express user can access. When the invitation is accepted directly from this e-mail, the user will create a password, can log in and find their documentation.

Invitations will expire after 28 days if not accepted. Onix Work will send two automatic reminders to the user to accept the invitation before it expires.

Invite Multiple Onix Express Users

For quick create and invite several contacts, use “Add Multiple Users” button in Companies module.

  1. Only Name and Email of new users are required, use textboxes and button in to add your users into invitation list.
  2. Number of new users must be less than the remaining, see counter in the bottom (limit of 25 users per customer).

Click OK button to invite all users in list. The process is same as when you create and invite each user using “New”, and “Invite as User” button.

Invite Onix Express users directly from the Order module

When processing orders against a company that is not an Onix Work customer and does not have an active Onix Express user, you will now receive a notification that allows you to invite Onix Express users directly from the order.

By choosing yes, you will get a new window where you can quickly add multiple users.

Invite Onix Express users from Onix Inspection
When inspecting equipment for a company that is not an Onix Work customer, you will be able to add Onix Express users directly from the Onix Inspection upload window.

Handle Requests for Onix Express User

Customers can request access to Onix Express themselves. These requests must be handled by you as the supplier/inspector, by either approving or rejection the requests.

New requests will be visible for account admin users in Home Screen, as well as from Companies module.

Go to the Companies module and open Handle Requests dialogue. All Onix Express access requests are here.

  1. When you select a request in list, all information will be displayed, including their Request Date, and their manual company name.
  2. You have to select the correct Company from your Onix Work account. We recommend that you use request’s company name or org. no for search text. If there is no result, you should create the company first.
    See: Create companies
  3. After selecting a company, you can Approve or Reject the request using corresponding buttons in the bottom.

Your approval will also send the invitation for the user in the selected request. The next steps are the same as when you create and invite the user using “New”, and “Invite as User” button.

Termination of inactive Onix Express users

Onix Express users will automatically be terminated if they have not been logged in for 1 year. Prior to termination, three system-generated email reminders are sent, 30, 14 and 7 days, respectively, before termination of user.

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