Equipment Reception & Conversion – Notification and Auto-conversion rules

by | May 2, 2019

When one of the following links is selected in Equipment Receival & Conversion\Activations the conversion and alert will run continuously.

Every 15 minutes a service will run searching for any changes to be alerted or auto-converted.

  • In the home page you will be alerted if there are any mapping needing verification
  • The auto-conversion will run automatically when:
    • There are product linking/properties linking
    • There are satisfied equipment that are waiting for conversion (equipment has active certificate/control documentation)

See: Product Linking
See: Property Linking

In addition we may select “Equipment Receival” alert in User Settings.
See: Alerts

The frequency of these are:

  • Instant => sent daily (only one email per day sent at 10:20)
  • Weekly => sent each Monday
  • Monthly => sent on 1st day of each month
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