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by | May 3, 2017

To ensure correct and consistent data registration for equipment and their corresponding documentation in Onix Work, we recommend that you establish a set of products containing the appropriate default values and settings.

By using products, the registration of equipment is quicker, easier and more consistent, regardless of the individual users’ experience.

Product module can be found in the module overview.

Products are available for use from these modules/products:

  • Order
  • Equipment
  • Onix Inspection
  • Onix Transfer (Order Adapter)
  • Onix Maker (Order Import)

Appoint a main user responsible for maintaining the product registry, ensuring that all active products are up to date. Onix Transfer will also create products automatically as Dynamic status.
It is important that the main user keeps track of, and verifies/maintains these.

See: Creating products for Suppliers
See: Creating products for Equipment Owners
See: Product Content

Search for existing products either by simply clicking “Search” or search by product number.

Click on an item line to open it and alternatively make charges.
Click “New” to create new and “Delete” to delete.

NB! Products that have been used for generating equipment cannot be deleted, but you can always put a product Inactive, and ensure that it cannot be used anymore.

Product No.: The product number you can either decide for yourself, or this is transferred from the ERP system (if this is set up with your company).

Product status: A newly created product is given the status Draft, and will not be visible for use anywhere in the portal.
When orders are imported from ERP systems (Onix Transfer), it will often be necessary to generate products automatically. These are registered with status Dynamic, and is simultaneously published as ‘New Products’ on front page in Onix Work. This is done so that those responsible can easily retrieve, complete and approve new products.

When status is set to Dynamic or Approved, it is available in Onix Work.
In order to use the product when you create new equipment in Equipment module, you must select “Use from Equip.”, and to use it in Onix Inspection or Onix Transfer you must tick the “Show on handheld”.

Product Group.: When a Product is set to be head of a Product Group, it becomes the template for the group members, which are normal Products. You can see the whole family of a Product Group in Group Mode.
Product Group cannot be used to create new Equipment or use in Order.

Connected Group: When a Product is connected to a Product Group, it becomes a member of that group and may inherit some fields from Product Group.

You can set your view to be either single or group mode. In single mode, the products are listed one by one, and when you select one of them, you only select the one product. When using group mode, you display products sorted in product group. You can edit one or more of the products inside the chosen group.

Under “Order related” on the chosen product, you can set up which information and actions that should happen when product is used for equipment that is generated from a line item in the Order module:

  • Action: Standard action by processing the order line, respectively.: No action, Create equipment, Create equipment and Job, and Create Equipment and File Job.
  • Comment on Job: Default value for comment on job created from the line item. (Assuming that the action is set to generate job)
  • Tested Acc. To.: Here you can register your own texts.



Each product is defined with default values for devices, equipment properties, documents and fixed texts.
All specified default values will be copied to the new equipment when you use the product as a template. The user creating the equipment is then free to modify these at the actual, newly created equipment.

To change the properties of a product, go to the Properties tab. For non-system properties, you can modify existing, add new or delete properties from the menu “Properties”.
See: System properties

To include a new property, select it in the list “Available Properties”, and select “Add to list” button.

You can add documents to products, such as manuals. Go to the tab Documents, and select “Documents”. This is a joint document list for your company in Onix Work. You can import documents either from Base Documents, or using Onix Source.

You can also add pictures to the product, in the Pictures tab. Here you select “Add” to see the new pictures. You can also zoom in / out and rotate existing images.

In tab Forms you select which form(s) you want to accompany the product. You can add multiple forms to each product.

Texts tab let you add pure text to your products, and in Options you set restriction on Equipment’s fields and Equipment’s Properties. They can be optional, mandatory or read-only.
The setting will be applied when creating/editing equipment in Equipment module or Order module.


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