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by | May 5, 2017

Some equipment requires yearly inspection and Inspection may be used to document the inspection performed. A generated Inspection will follow the equipment, and will always be available for the expert creating it.

Inspections are created from the Jobs tab in Equipment module

Choose “New” to select the appropriate Form from the drop-down menu for your inspection.

When you select “New Inspection”, Inspection Form according to the selection of the equipment owner company in “Settings \ System Setup \ Default form preferences \ Inspections” will be created.

E.g. If the default form preference for the company owner is “EU standard”, an Inspection Report will be created.

Fill out the job, either with or without using a checklist.
After archiving, the Inspection is added to the equipment. If you discover you did a mistake, you must copy the job and archive again with the new changes.

See: Create Inspection Report with checklist

Field explanation for jobs

See: Job Content

When control information is filled out, and you archive the Inspection, you will see that the status of your equipment has been updated acc. to status from the Inspection. The due date of your equipment will also be updated according to.

When a document has been archived in Onix Work, there is no way to ever delete it. If you see that you made an error in archived document, you are able to set the document inactive. Inactive documents will not be visible, unless you choose to see “All documents” instead of “Active documents”.

You can also copy jobs, to create identical Inspections, for example if you discover a mistake. To copy a job, mark the job you want to copy in “Jobs” tab on the equipment, and select “Create copy”. Then you will have a new job with the same information as the job you copied, and you can make the changes and archive a new document.

Autumn Release 2019

Autumn Release 2019

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, we will roll out a new release of Onix Work, Onix Worker, Onix Tool Store and Onix Inspection (Windows and Android). The release includes the following changes:

Onix ID
Job Report
Issue enhancements
Status default settings
New site designs


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