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Create Inspection with checklist

When creating an Inspection with checklist, you must be sure the checklist is registered in full, that is that all checkpoints are registered with a status.
To register a checklist, you must go to Settings, and then “Checklists” under Connected Content. Here you will choose which Control Categories are relevant for the checklist. The checklist will only be available on relevant equipment with the selected Control Categories.
See: Checklists


Inspections with checklist are created from the equipment in the Job-tab.
See: Create Inspection

You can transfer checkpoints from earlier archived checklist, for example if the comments are the same for consecutive checklists.

After the Inspection with the checklist has been archived, both documents will be available on the equipment. The owner will only see the Inspection document with the remarks from the checklist included.
It’s possible to add multiple pictures to checkpoints, and these will be included on the archived document.

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