Control Categories

by | May 3, 2017

Control categories are a standard for categorizing equipment. To specify which control categories your company uses, select this from Control Categories in Settings.
Control categories are registered on equipment, and experts are qualified for inspecting different kinds of control categories.

Tick on / off for the control categories you need. It is only the choices you have selected here that is available in dropdown menus where you can choose the control category

When you select a control category, you can choose “default tested acc. to” and you can tick to include logo of the certification organization. What certification organization you get the logo from, is registered in the Company Profile. Please note that if you choose to not have certification logo included on control category, this logo will only be removed from forms Control Card and Form 4.

If you wish to use a verifier for the control category on control cards, this is ticked off here. Then only users with this privilege can archive control cards for the set control category.
You also have the opportunity to associate checklists to control category. Here you select the appropriate checklist(s), and only selected checklists will come up as choices when performing inspections on the selected control category. You can also choose one of the checklists to always be default for the set control category. 
Please note that you must register the control categories each expert is allowed to inspect. This is done on the user, in Contacts & Users.
If no control categories are registered on the user, the user will per default be able to inspect all control categories set for the company.


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