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Contacts & Users

Contacts & Users in Onix Work is added in Settings. A contact is someone that is registered within your company including name, e-mail and/or what department and location the contact is linked to.
A user is registered as a contact, and is invited as a full user of Onix Work within your company. A full user can log in to Onix Work when a licence is registered on the user.
Chosen privileges are added to the user, and according to these, the user can work in Onix Work.

Contacts and users for own company is created under the Contacts & Users tab. Select “New” to create a new user. When registering new full user, please enter the name and email user should be linked to, and select Save. The place registered on “Place (on Forms)” is the text that will be added to forms when the user is registered as responsible on a archived job.

Remember to fill out the user privileges, and control categories if this is an inspector.

See: Assign security roles

Once you have entered the information you need and registered the privileges of the user, select Invite as a user. This choice is located in the upper left corner.
The user will get an e-mail from Onix Work, and accept the invitation directly from the mail. The user will choose a new password for themselves, and possibly a password hint.
Add signature to user if the user is an inspector.

See: Add signature for user


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