Connected Companies

by | May 3, 2017

When two companies are both users of Onix Work, it is possible to create a connection between the two. This is especially helpful when a supplier sells equipment to an owner, or when an expert is doing inspections for an owner.
If a company connection is created, all equipment will be shared. All documentation, both old and new, is also included in the connection.
Both parties will have access to the same equipment, until the owner of equipment possibly choose to terminate the connection.

Connection list can be found in the Company module, and in Settings.

By opening Connection List, you get an overview of the connections that already exist. In front of each company name is an icon that tells the type of connection created.
You can also create, modify and delete customer connections.

If you can not select “New” in the top-left corner, or all options in existing connection is grayed out, you do not have enough privileges on your user to create and / or modify connections.
Users with the privilege “Maintain connected content” can create and edit connected companies.

  • Create / Deliver:
    “Supplier access”

    This access gives the other company the right to put your company as owner of the equipment. When a supplier puts your company as the owner, you have the equipment available in your Onix Work, with accompanying documentation.
    The owner of the equipment does not need to accept delivery access, this is created immideately after the supplier has created the connection.
    This will by default include all control categories.
  • Read only:
    This access gives the company read access to your equipment. They can not change anything, they can only see the equipment and documentation.
    This will by default include all control categories.
  • Full access:
    “Expert inspector access”

    This access gives the company access to all the equipment you have in your Onix Work.
    They will be able to see all the equipment, but they can only make changes to the equipment, according to access to selected control categories.
    This access is used as an owner to share equipment with expert inspector.

To create a new connection, select New on the toolbar.

Create new connection with:
Enter the name of cooperative member company in the field. To access the selection dialog, click on the purple arrow to the right of the text field.

When the dialogue is completed, press Confirm (providing access) or Send request (request access).
If connection is created by another company requesting access at your company, the verify button will be accompanied by a Reject button.

To generate a message to the connected companies notification contact, you include this in your request.
If you request Create/Deliver access to a owner, this will per default be automatically granted

See video example below:

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