by | May 3, 2017

Sometimes, it’s required to add a checklist to an Inspection Report. In Onix Work, you can register your own checklists, and have them added to jobs. You register these checklists so that they only become an alternative for the relevant control categories.

Checklists can be found in Settings.
To add a new list, select “New”.

Here you have to fill out the checklist description, and you can tie your checklist to control category(ies). As you save, you get the option “Details”, where you add checkpoints. First, in sections, and then in points. Here you have the option to add extended procedure and sample text.

You can also add checkpoints to existing checklists, or deleting checkpoints. Note that points ONLY may be deleted if the checklist has never been used. If it has been in use, you can only delete the checkpoint by copying existing checklist and delete item (s) in the new copy.

In Onix Work, you have the ability to copy an existing checklist, you can share a copy, and you can delete a checklist. You can only delete checklists that have not been used.

To share a checklist, select “Share copy”. This allows you to share with other member firm in Onix Work. Once this is set up, the copy will be available at your chosen company. You can also choose whether to attach the checklist to control categories.

When a checklist is set inactive, it will no longer become a possible choice in drag down menu when performing jobs.
Inactive checklists will still be connected to control category(ies) in Control Categories, but they will be listed as inactive.


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